The Apple Music is one of the best Music streaming app for iPhone. And the recent iOS 13 update has made it even better with synchronized song lyrics feature.

You can see song lyrics word by word on a full screen interface with big and bold text in the Apple Music app. When playing a song, tap the “Lyrics” icon at the bottom row (below the volume slider) to enable or disable lyrics in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.\

iPhone Apple Music App Lyrics Button
iPhone Apple Music App Lyrics Button

When lyrics aren’t available for a song, the lyrics button will fade out. You won’t be able to tap it.

Lyrics in Apple Music are interactive, you can scroll and tap on a line to jump to a verse in the lyric viewer. It’s really convenient.

Apple Music Lyric Viewer
Apple Music Lyric Viewer

Also, if you want to see full lyrics in normal text and without synchronization, tap the three-dot menu button next to the song name, and select “View Full Lyrics” from the available options.

Viewing Full Lyrics in Apple Music app

Viewing lyrics in iTunes

iTunes doesn’t have the big and bold synchronized lyrics feature but you can view full lyrics for a song in iTunes.

Right-click on the song for which you want to view lyrics and select “Song Info” from the context menu.

Open “Song Info” menu in iTunes

A pop up window will show with all details of the song you selected. Click on the “Lyrics” tab to view full lyrics in the pop-up window.

iTunes Lyrics viewer

Have fun listening to your favorite music!