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Cancel Music Subscription

How to Cancel Apple Music Voice Plan Subscription

You can cancel the Apple Music Voice plan from either the Music app on your iPhone or via your Apple ID account settings.


How to Use Apple Music Voice Plan

A complete guide on making the best of the Apple Music Voice Plan.

Apple Music

How to Follow, Unfollow or Remove Followers in Apple Music on iPhone

Make listening to music much more inclusive with friends on your iPhone.

Song Lyrics

How to Share Lyrics with Song using Apple Music on iPhone

Share what you’re feeling when listening to a song without interrupting the momentum!


What is Spatial Audio in Apple Music?

Forever change how you listen to music with Spatial Audio.

Apple Music

How to Enable Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos in Apple Music on iPhone

If you’ve a Hi-res speaker or headphone, Lossless audio will change your Music experience

How to Remove Songs from iPhone

Free Space on your iPhone by deleting unwanted music.

SpotiApp Spotify Playlist Transfer

How to Transfer Playlists to Spotify from any Music Streaming App

Export music from any app to Spotify using SpotiApp instanty.

Convert Playlists Between Apple Music and Spotify

How to Convert Playlists between Apple Music and Spotify using Playlistor

Playlistor is a free web tool that can effortlessly convert playlists from Apple Music to Spotify and vice versa. If…

Apple Music Replay on iPhone

How to get Apple Music Replay on iPhone, iPad, and iTunes

Apple is bringing a fun new way to let users view their music listening history with the rollout of Apple…

Apple Music Lyric Viewer

How to view Lyrics in Apple Music on iPhone and iTunes on PC or Mac

The Apple Music is one of the best Music streaming app for iPhone. And the recent iOS 13 update has…

How to Embed Apple Music Playlists, Albums and Songs on a Webpage

Apple Music is now available on the web, and that means we now have a better way to embed songs,…

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🎵 How to Delete Music from iPhone

Music taking up too much storeage space on your iPhone? Well, you can easily delete music files from your iPhone…