The world doesn’t wait for anyone these days, and in this fast-paced world, we live pretty fast too. And even faster than us are our fingers that are always texting. This speed sometimes leads to blunders, and we end up sending something that can be potentially disastrous.

But by the time our brain even registers the mistake, the deed’s already done. The only question that comes to mind now is, “Can we delete the message so that it also deletes from the other person’s phone?” While many messaging apps have this feature, unfortunately, you can’t delete an iMessage that’s already been sent so that it gets unsent or deleted from the other person’s phone too.

Although there is an instance where you can delete an iMessage and prevent it from sending. But it requires quick reflexes and speed like The Flash. When you tap that blue arrow to send the iMessage, the message takes a couple of seconds to send. Swipe down from the right notch (or up from the bottom of the screen) to bring the Control Center. Then, tap the ‘Airplane Mode’ button to put your phone on Airplane mode.

If you’re lucky, very lucky, it will fail to send, and you’ll get a ‘Not Delivered’ error.

But it doesn’t happen right away. You’ll have to wait a solid 5 minutes, maybe even more, to see if the error appears. Once the error appears, the message won’t send until you resend it manually.

Because it doesn’t always appear. Your iPhone keeps trying to send the message even when it’s not connected to the network. If the message wasn’t already submitted to Apple’s servers, your phone will give up after trying to send the message for a few minutes. But if it was, your phone will keep trying to send the message and finally send it once it connects to the network.