Apple is now rolling out the iOS 12.1 update which enables one of the most exciting features of the 2018 iPhone devices — support for eSIM. The update also includes 70 new emojis, and Group FaceTime feature for all iOS 12 supported iPhone and iPad devices.

For the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the iPhone XR, the addition of Dual SIM feature might raise battery life questions among some of us. Cellular network consume most of the battery on our smartphones, and having Dual SIM enabled on your iPhone means double the battery consumption by cellular activity.

However, Apple has done a great job at optimizing battery life for Dual SIM on an iPhone. The battery consumption by the additional eSIM is only marginal that you probably won’t notice the difference in battery life with single SIM or Dual SIM on iOS 12.1.

Other then the Dual SIM concern, the battery life on iOS 12.1 is just as great as the iOS 12.0 release. We have been using the iOS 12.1 on our iPhone XS Max, iPhone X and an iPhone 6 since the first Developer beta, and the performance has been on par with iOS 12.

The iOS 12.1 update is available for download for all iOS 12 supported devices starting today. To check for available updates on your iPhone, go to Settings » General » Software Update section.