Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 Update Assistant feature to let the Windows users get the latest updates effortlessly. However, many users complain that the repetitive appearance of the update assistant pop-up is quite annoying. If you find it disturbing too, you can remove the Windows 10 Update Assistant from your PC by following the instructions below.

  1. Open Control Panel » Open Programs and Features » Select Windows 10 Update Assistant from the list » Uninstall the program.
  2. Open the Windows (C:) Drive in the File Explorer » select the Windows10Upgrade folder » Delete the folder.
  3. Download the Hide Updates Tool and disable the update you don’t want to install on your PC. This will stop the update assistant from notifying you about it.

Note: Windows 10 Update Assistant can’t be deleted permanently. It’s possible that you’ll see it pop up again on your PC, but you can follow the same process back to stop it.