Ever since emojis became a part of everyday virtual communication, there have been some emoji reactions that stayed constant. Favorite, in other words. People use emojis over words while reacting to content online, and these reactions can be consistent to a certain extent. Some reactions are mindful and sometimes, they’re just the ones we can find.

So, based on the topmost emojis appearing on your keyboard and a billion others who use the internet, we’ve compiled this list of the most used emojis, worldwide. Dive in to know if your favorite/most-used emoji is on the list!

  1. 😂 Tears of Joy Emoji
    The 😂 emoji is the commonest response to anything funny, on any level. It’s more preferred than the 🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing emoji and for good reasons. Know the reason(s) below.
  2. ❤️ Red Heart Emoji
    People usually follow things that make their hearts happy. They indulge in conversations with people who are bound to comfort them than discourage or be indifferent. And when there’s so much love in the virtual atmosphere, it’s likely to push ❤️ to the top second of the most-used emojis.
  3. 😍 Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji
    When someone sends us something we like/love, we’re obliged to respond in the aptest way possible, and that’s where 😍 comes in. This just goes on to show that we’re not a tribe that hates, after all. There’s a lot of love going on in the virtual world if not the real one.
  4. 🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji
    Here we are. The iconic ROFL. If we were to roll on the floor from laughter, then it ought to be a damn good joke. The reason why 🤣 is fourth in line and not first or second is that the hilarity consumed on a daily basis is not tummy-achingly funny. It’s just funny. Like hahaha and not hahahahaha.
  5. 😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji
    Talk about comfort zone and this emoji defines it. It’s the perfect and comfortable emoji to respond to almost anything from anyone. “Happy birthday”, “I like your dress”, “Nice!” from an acquaintance is a tough response to crack and 😊 is the code.
  6. 🙏 Folded Hands Emoji
    The world’s either throwing in high-fives all the time or it’s being in a constant state of gratitude. Nonetheless, the folded hands are the sixth most-used emoji. Given that 🙏 is also used while responding to niceness, it seems like many out there are getting their fair share of compliments.
  7. 💕 Two Hearts Emoji
    Two hearts represent a romantic relationship for one, while they’re the symbol of any warm but platonic relationship for another. And, the good news is that we’re feeling a lot loved virtually and hopefully in reality as well. The other heart doesn’t necessarily have to belong to a person.
  8. 😭 Loudly Crying Face Emoji
    Ah. Sadness my old friend. It’s a great thing that this emoji is eighth on the list and nowhere close to the top three considering the current state of affairs. 😭 is a crying face for sure, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad response. It could be “tears of joy” or “tears of awe” too.
  9. 😘 Face Blowing Kiss Emoji
    Aww. Look who’s starting to show emotion. Hearts are different from kisses, they show lesser affection than little or large pecks. So, the 9th place seems to be a fair deal since not all of us are programmed to show emotion effectively and this position just proves that most of us can.
  10. 👍 Thumbs Up Emoji
    We’re aware of the yang to Thumbs Up’s yin, the 👎 Thumbs Down emoji, and we’re also aware of what they mean. Satisfyingly, many people get along! If not entirely, at least on some level. Everyone’s just liking, approving, agreeing, and being positive with almost everybody!
  11. 😅 Grinning Face With Sweat Emoji
    It’s not surprising that humans have “awkward” as their top 11 traits. We’ve all been awkward, awkwardly surprised, or even awkwardly laughing at some point along our virtual journey. And the whole time 😅 has been backing us up like nothing else.
  12. 👏 Clapping Hands Emoji
    If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s appreciation. But the downside is that we can get a little stingy with it, because aye, gotta be constructively appreciative. That’s when we bring in sarcasm. 👏 is the perfect emoji for both, and it’s apparently the 12th most used emoji on the list. Tells a lot about us.
  13. 😁 Beaming Face With Smiling Eye Emoji
    We all smile, but very few choose to show teeth. Thus pushing 😁 to the 13th position. But, that’s still great cause that’s evidence that we’re not grumpy old peeps using the internet. Also, this emoji represents the purest emotion, according to us, and you can never go wrong with it.
  14. ♥️ Heart Suit Emoji
    When we don’t want to use the glossy finish of the OG ❤️ Red Heart, we use ♥️, in an assumption that they mean the same thing, just a little gothic. Though the shape is the same, the color is deeper and the meaning is well, cards or card games. But! We’re free to generalize.
  15. 🔥 Fire Emoji
    We’re definitely not screaming about a burning world when we use 🔥. This emoji is more of a social media “slang” for something that’s fiery, heated/heating, or even something bold and fierce. It’s a relief that we’re finding at least something hot at this point, if not the earth!
  16. 💔 Broken Heart Emoji
    Nothing like an emoji to call out a broken heart. We’ve all been broken in different ways along our time with emojis. Some things less casual than others. It’s a mode of expression of grief and sorrow and it seems to be our top 15th emotion or rather emoji in this framework.
  17. 💖 Sparkling Heart Emoji
    Wow, talk about escalating too quickly. Our healing time from a broken heart to a brand new, sparkling heart is immediate! We’re fast healers! Either it’s that, or we weren’t really broken when we sent the previous emoji. Nevertheless, we’re quick to move on.
  18. 💙 Blue Heart Emoji
    If red hearts are for the ones we love the most, blue hearts are for the ones who we like. We’re a pendulum that way, everything or nothing. Constantly oscillating between feelings and mixed feelings. Say what you want but 💙 is one of the top emojis we use when we need to show love to an acquaintance or a distant family member who just doesn’t vibe.
  19. 😢 Crying Face Emoji
    This reaction is for something that’s truly heartbreaking. A single teardrop falling first from the left eye is said to be pain according to psychology (not the mainstream one, of course). Nonetheless, there are a lot of takers to this! Thus, making this emoji more of a pained one than a reaction to something heartening.
  20. 🤔 Thinking Face Emoji
    Now, would you look at that! We tend to think on social media at place 20! Sure, we may carry out some collateral thinking while sending the top 19 but to actually, actually think and express that we’re thinking is at the twentieth spot. So much for evolution.
  21. 😆 Grinning Face Emoji
    The “laugh factor” online gets niche by the day and by this list. The 21st place for the 21st century of comedy seems fitting. When we use 😆 in a funny context it’s two things; either it’s wheezingly hilarious or it’s just funny without the teary mess. However, 😆 goes most with the former. Seems like we’re up and coming with true comedy!
  22. 🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji
    This emoji 🙄 is a lot less provoking than rolling your eyes or seeing someone do it in real life. This emoji conveys ridicule, confusion, mockery, and just a silent and subtle way of saying “wtf”. Going by the number here, there’s a 22% chance that we regularly come across something mind-numbing.
  23. 💪 Flexed Biceps Emoji
    Okay, now this doesn’t say that we think about flaunting our ripped features twenty-thirdly. Some of us bring 💪 into the context even after being staunch believers and practice of and only of cheat days. It’s because 💪 talks about strength and willpower than physical fitness.
  24. 😉 Winking Face Emoji
    Phew, lesser creeps online! Winking may be creepy in reality and creepier virtually but 😉 means other things as well. Things that may elevate our primitiveness, things like consent! A lot of times 😉 is not a randomly slid-in DM, it’s from a consensual partner who’s being acceptingly sleazy.
  25. 🙂 Slightly Smiling Face Emoji
    If we’re the kind to use emojis just for the sake of conveyance, then we’d agree that 🙂 is the perfect response to pretty much anything. But, if we’re looking for precise conveyance, then 🙂 is a smiling bitch face. It’s the smile someone has when they don’t really want to smile.
  26. 👌 OK Hand Emoji
    Some cultures interpret 👌 as an Okay/Cool/Alright hand, whereas some cultural contexts hold this gesture to be a Wow/Damn Good/Great/Awesome hand. Though the tones would differ, they both resonate with the same kind of approval only different levels of it.
  27. 🤗 Hugging Face Emoji
    Last up on this round-up is the hugging face. The reason why it’s on number 27 lies in the fact that as cute as this emoji may seem, it’s quite unreasonable. A face that hugs. Anyhoo, this is the first “physical” expression of emotion on the list, and sadly the last emoji here too.
    Says, quite a lot about boundaries. Which is a very good thing!

This list highlights the frequency at which each emoji was used in the recent past, on a general social media usage parameter. Thus, placing them in the given chronology. It’s alright if your favorite wasn’t on the list. Everyone has their own preferences!