A lot of Windows 10 users are having trouble with USB WiFi adapters after installing the recent cumulative updates for Windows 10 version 1803. Both the KB4467702 and KB4467682 updates cause WiFi adapters to keep disconnecting on users PCs every few minutes.

If you’re facing a similar problem on your Windows 10 machine, chances are your PC is affected by the recent Windows 10 updates as well. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a fix available yet and Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the problem either.

So in order to get your USB WiFi adapter to working fine again, you need to uninstall the KB4467702 or KB4467682 updates on your PC. And use the Hide Windows Update tools to prevent the buggy updates from installing on your PC.

To uninstall an update on your Windows 10 PC, go to Settings » Update & Security » click “View Update History” » click “Uninstall updates,” then select the KB update (KB4467702 or KB4467682, in this case) and uninstall it.