iMessage is one of the most used features by Apple users to keep in touch with their friends and family. You don’t need to download an app or go through any hoops to use it. It’s fast, secure, functional, and filled with fun features.

People who use iMessage quite often might have noticed that when an unknown number or Apple id, i.e., one that isn’t in your contacts, sends you an iMessage, the app shows an option to report it as junk.

But what happens if you ever report a message as junk isn’t quite clear. That’s why many people stay away from this option. As what happens isn’t exactly clear, it’s normal to worry if you report someone as junk by mistake or if someone reports your message as junk. Let’s get you some answers, shall we?

Reporting Someone as Junk

To report someone as junk, tap the ‘Report Junk’ button on your screen. Then, tap the ‘Delete and Report Junk’ button.

When you report a message as junk, the message will be permanently deleted from your device. Once deleted, you cannot undo it. And the Messages app will forward the sender’s information and the message in question to Apple.

But that’s about all it does. Reporting a message as junk doesn’t block the contact or prevent them from messaging you in the future. So if you don’t want to receive any messages from them in the future, you’ll also have to block them. But if you accidentally reported someone as junk and are worried about not receiving messages from them in the future, you can relax.

Now, if someone reported you as junk as a joke or accidentally, and you’re worried what it might mean for your iMessage account, you can relax on this front too. Although there’s no concrete information, the best speculation is that a single report won’t hurt your account.

As Apple receives the message along with the sender’s information, reason dictates that they don’t take any action against someone lightly. And if you’re not actually spamming people, one report won’t hurt you. It’ll take multiple reports for an action against your account.