It’s that time of the year when weeks of anticipation finally come to an end – WWDC is going on! Among other things, Apple showcases the next iOS version at this event annually in their keynote that kicks off the event. And this year was no different. Apple finally unveiled iOS 16 at the event, driving the tech world into a frenzy. It’s safe to say, iOS 16 has got me excited.

And not just me. Apple aficionados everywhere are dying to try out the software, but unfortunately for everyone, iOS 16 won’t fall into their hands until later this year. The only ones who can try out the software right now are the developers as the iOS 16 developer beta is the only software available as of now. Developers registered with Apple can download it from by using their developer account.

But what about the general public? iOS 16 public beta will not be released until after a few weeks have elapsed since the release of the developer beta. So, you can expect the public beta to release only by next month, i.e., July.

What’s the Difference between the Developer and Public Beta?

If you’re new to the scene and wondering why you have to wait for the public beta and can’t get the developer beta right now, let us explain. The reason is manyfold.

First, the developer beta is only available to users who are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. These are the users who have their apps in the App Store. The developer beta is a way for them to get ahead and test their apps on the newer version to get them ready for the future. The program costs around $100 per year to enroll.

If you somehow get your hands on the developer beta profile, there’s another reason to stay away from it. The developer beta is a highly unstable version that’s packed with errors and bugs, way more than the public beta.

The gap in the release of the two betas gives Apple enough window to test the beta version to ensure that there are no iOS breaking bugs involved in the public beta. Hence, the public beta is more stable than the developer beta but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks. There will still be bugs but that’s the whole point of the beta program – being a guinea pig for Apple.

So, waiting a few weeks until iOS 16 beta releases for the public is the best course of action.

How to Get the Public Beta?

With the public beta software program, there are no charges involved and you don’t require anything other than your Apple email ID to enroll in the program. To enroll once the software is released, go to Then, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and enter your Apple email ID and password to sign into the Feedback Assistant.

The screen with terms and conditions for the Apple Beta Software Program will open. Read the terms to know what you are getting into and click on the ‘Accept’ button.

And that’s it. You’re enrolled in the beta program and will receive the beta installs on your Apple device.

After seeing all the wonderful updates that iOS 16 boasts, it’s difficult to wait. But it’s only a matter of a few weeks before you’ll be able to get the iOS 16 beta on your iPhone. A piece of advice? Install the beta on a spare iPhone and not your main one, if you can. And create a backup of your iPhone before installing the beta version to have a safety net in case you need to downgrade.