iOS 16


How to Export Contacts from your iPhone with iOS 16

Export your contacts and easily share them with a contact, save them on your device for safeguarding, or export them to another platform.

How to Set Up a Custom Email Domain with iCloud Mail on iPhone

Whether you already own a domain or have yet to buy one, setting up a custom email domain with iCloud Mail on iPhone is as easy as pie.

How to Save and Share a List as Template in Reminders App on iPhone

Create and share reminder templates and make things easier for yourself as well as your near and dear ones.

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone with iOS 16

Clear all the duplicate photos on your iPhone in a swish and reduce unnecessary clutter in your Photo Gallery.

How to Hang up a Call with Siri on iPhone

Cannot reach the phone to end the call or your hands are dirty? Ask Siri to hang up the call for you on your iOS 16 device.

What is Passkeys and How to Use it on iPhone and Mac

Move over passwords. The next generation Passkeys are finally here to usher in a more secure, password-less future

How to Use iPhone as Webcam on Mac with Continuity Camera

Want to look your best in video meetings but the webcam on your Mac sucks? You can now use your iPhone as a webcam!

How to Enable Face ID Authentication to View Hidden Photos on iPhone with iOS 16

Enable Face ID authentication to view your Hidden album and prevent unauthorized access to your private pictures in iOS 16.

How to Track Steps on iPhone using Fitness App (without Apple Watch)

Want to track your activity but don’t own an Apple Watch? Set up Fitness on your iPhone running iOS 16 and track your activity without it!

How to Set up and Use Photo Shuffle on iPhone Lock Screen

Setup Photo Shuffle on your iOS 16 device and get multiple pictures as your lock screen wallpaper that randomly change to keep things fresh.

How to Create and Set an Emoji Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

Love the unicorns or just about any other emojis? With iOS 16, you can quickly convert a bunch of your favorite emojis into wallpapers.

How to Use Safety Check on iPhone with iOS 16

For those at risk of domestic or intimate partner violence, Safety Check in iOS 16 is a huge step to promote their safety.

How to Automatically Share Photos with Someone on iPhone with iOS 16

Tired of sharing photos with everyone in the family after a trip? Turn on iCloud Photo Sharing Library and let your iPhone do it for you.

How to Undo an Email in Mail App on iPhone

Recall back that email you accidentally sent while it was unfinished or sent to the wrong person using the ‘Undo Send’ option in Mail.

How to Find Your WiFi Password on iPhone with iOS 16

Want to quickly find the password for the current or any previously connected Wi-Fi network on your iPhone? It’s a child’s play with iOS 16.

How to Enable or Disable Haptic Feedback (Vibration) for Keyboard on iPhone with iOS 16

Want haptic feedback when you type? Or turned it on accidentally and wish to turn it off? It’s a piece of cake to toggle this setting.

How to Show Notifications Count on iPhone Lock Screen

Don’t like notifications occupying space on the lock screen? Switch to the Count layout to only see their number instead.

How to Copy Text and Code from Video on iPhone with iOS 16

Want to quickly grab lines of code or text off of a video? With Live Text extending to videos in iOS 16, you can do it in a jiffy!

How to Show or Remove Search Button from iPhone Home Screen on iOS 16

Don’t like the new search button on the home screen on iOS 16? Remove it by heading to the Settings app and get the old look back.

How to Delete a Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 16

Accumulated too many lock screen designs that you do not use? Easily delete them by a tap of a button and keep clutter at bay.

How to Add and Remove Widgets from iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

Quickly add or remove the widgets on your lock screen to make it suitable to your needs and get information important to you at a glance.

iOS 16 Battery Drain Issues and Fixes

iPhone’s juice not lasting a day? Try these simple methods to make sure there is no unnecessary drain of the battery on your device.

How to Remove iOS 16 Beta and Downgrade Back to iOS 15

Having beta regrets? Downgrade to the stable version in a few easy steps.

How to Set up Medications Reminder in Health App on iPhone

Use your iPhone running iOS 16 to get timely reminders for your medications and make your life easier.