iOS 16


How to Clear All Recent Searches at Once on iPhone

You can now rid yourself of all your recent spotlight searches in one fell swoop.

How to Use Apple Freeform App on iPhone

Learn how to use Freeform – the collaborative whiteboard from Apple

How to Set Up an iCloud Shared Photo Library on iPhone

The complete guide for setting up and using the iCloud Shared Photo Library

How to Turn Off Medications Reminders on iPhone and Apple Watch

No longer need reminders for your medications? Easily turn them off.

How to Make Music Album Art Full Screen on iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

Make album art appear full screen on the iPhone Lock Screen with just a single tap!

You Can’t Turn Off Report Junk on iPhone But Here’s How to Avoid Accidentally Reporting a Message

Our advice? Steer clear of the pop-up entirely!

How to Send Voice Messages on iPhone with iOS 16

Voice notes in iMessage won’t trouble your finger anymore!

How to Add a Photo Widget to iPhone Lock Screen

Adding a photo widget on the lock screen is a walk in the park with Widgetsmith!

How to Change City in Clock Widget on iPhone Lock Screen

Keep track of additional time zones right from the lock screen in iOS 16!

How to Change the Time Font Style on iPhone Lock Screen

You don’t need to stick with the age-old font style for time anymore!

How to Enable or Disable Live Activities on iPhone Lock Screen

Get real time updates from apps right on your lock screen and escape the clutches of doom scrolling

What is Clean Energy Charging on iPhone and How to Enable It

Reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing charging times with Clean Energy Charging in iOS 16

How to Set a Depth Effect Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

Use this beautiful new effect to render a multi-layered effect to your Lock Screen wallpapers.

How to Change Notifications Display Setting on iPhone (iOS 16)

If you’re not a fan of the new notification style in iOS 16 that stacks them at the bottom, you can change it from the settings.

How to Set up and Activate an eSIM on iPhone 14

Setting up an eSIM is easier than ever before on iPhone 14 with iOS 16

How to Silence Notifications from Specific People and Apps in Focus Mode with iOS 16

Focus modes got even more focused on iPhone with Silence lists

How to Copy and Paste Photo Edits on iPhone with iOS 16

Batch photo editing comes to iPhone

How to Show Battery Percentage Inside Battery Icon on iPhone with iOS 16

The battery percentage is now available in the battery icon and it doesn’t look at all hideous!

How to Disable Continuity Camera Between your iPhone and Mac

If the continuity camera is getting on your nerves, just disable it.

How to Add or Remove Contacts List on iPhone with iOS 16

Manage your contacts easily by creating separate lists

How to Use Shared Tab Groups in Safari

Planning a trip or buying furniture and need to share a lot of links back and forth? Use the new shared tab groups feature in Safari instead.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone with iOS 16

Accidentally deleted a message? Quickly recover it from the ‘Recently Deleted’ section and be your own savior.

How to Use SharePlay in iMessage on iPhone with iOS 16

Enjoy all the benefits of SharePlay without having to start a FaceTime call

How to Collaborate on Projects Using Messages

Collaboration in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura is easier than ever with Messages facilitating the entire process.