Wraith’s ability to create dimensional rifts and running into the void space are supernatural, but you might be aware that she is the hardest of all Legends to kill in a game. YouTuber SookieSpy did a tremendous job of outlining the hitbox of all legends in the game. And what he found out is shocking. Wraith has a hitbox almost 40% smaller than that of Gibraltar who has the largest hitbox in the game.

What is a hitbox?
Hitbox is the area around the target at which it takes a hit from a gun shot. In Apex Legends, the hitbox for each legend is different because of the difference in the build of each legend.

Hitbox image by YouTuber SookieSpy

As you can see in the image above, Wraith has the smallest hitbox of all the legends in the game. She’s extremely smaller than other legends, almost 40% smaller than Gibraltar. That kind of makes her hardest to hit in a gunfight and thus least likely to get killed.

Respawn has already acknowledged this hitbox issue in Apex Legends, but hasn’t given a comforting reply to the situation yet.

Sure! We are definitely aware of it and we were actually discussing it today. I can’t say anything more for now but we hear you guys.

said a Respawn dev

Wraith is already the most popular legend in the game because of her supernatural abilities. In almost every game I’ve played, one of the teammates would play with Wraith for sure. And now that Wraith’s hitbox advantage is public knowledge, there’s going to be a Wraith in every squad in a game.

We hope Respawn addresses the hitbox issue in the game as soon as they can.