Windows 10 supports compressing and de-compressing the most common file compression format — .zip. While the option to unzip a file is quite obvious in the OS, it’s the option to zip a file in Windows 10 which makes users scratch their heads.

Windows 10 has the option to create a zip file labeled as “Compressed (zipped) folder” under Send to option in the context menu. It’s not an obvious location to put the zip option in, the label itself isn’t very revealing of its function. But this is the option you need to use to create a zip file.

How to create a zip file on Windows 10

  1. Open Windows Explorer and select the files and folder you want to put in a zip file.
  2. Now right click on the selected files/folders, select Send to » select Compressed (zipped) folder.

  3. A .zip file will be created instantly. Rename it appropriately and you’re good to go.

That’s all.