Google Meet is one of the leading competitors in the race that all video conferencing software have become a part of since the pandemic. With all the frequent updates coming to these software in an attempt to attract users, it’s like watching many suitors trying to woo a maiden in a Renaissance drama! But as long as it’s the users who are benefitting from this shower of features, what does it matter?

But Google Meet has only recently started getting traction on such a large scale in the market – after the service was made free for everyone, to be precise. Previously, anyone could join a meeting on Google Meet, but to start one, you had to be a G Suite Enterprise user.

But now, Google has made Google Meet free for everyone. All you need is a Gmail account, and you can conduct meetings with up to 100 participants.

But, let’s get something clear. You do not need a Gmail account if you only want to join someone else’s meeting on Google Meet. But to start a meeting, you absolutely need one. If you don’t have one, you can create it for free.

Once you have a Gmail account, you don’t have to go to any more lengths, such as registering on Google Meet, as one Google account works for all services. You can simply go to or and log in with your Gmail account to start a meeting.