How to fix iPhone stuck at “Signing in to iCloud…”

While iPhones are usually good at getting things done quicker than most other smartphones, it has its limitations too. The device can stall and act total weird at times. I recently faced a problem on our iPhone XS Max where it stuck at the “Signing in to iCloud” screen in the Settings menu.

What I did was sign out my Apple ID on the iPhone because it was the only solution to fix another problem that I was facing on the device. However, when I logged back in, the phone got stuck at “Signing in to iCloud” for more than an hour. I could get out of the Settings and use the iPhone as usual but the Settings app was stuck signing in to cloud.

To fix the problem, I restarted my iPhone. Then jumped back to Settings and tried to sign in again. It worked without any issues this time. So if you’re facing a similar problem, power off your iPhone and then turn it on back.