Texting is fun. But texting with loads of balloons in tow is even more awesome! And no, we don’t mean standing with balloons in your hands while texting. We mean bombarding your friends’ and loved ones’ iPhone screens with balloons when you text them!

While sending an iMessage, you can fill up the recipient’s entire screen with balloons and other effects turning even the most mundane messages into something special.

How to Send Balloons Automatically in iMessage

In a new or existing conversation, type the words “Happy Birthday” and press send. You can include exclamation points or emojis in the text but no other words to automatically send balloons. When you send the message containing just the words “Happy Birthday,” the recipient’s screen will be filled with balloons automatically when they open the message.

The message ‘Happy birthday’ automatically sends balloons.

How to Add Balloons Manually in iMessage

You can also add balloons or any other effects you want to any message that doesn’t have to be just the two words – Happy Birthday.

Type the message in the message box, and then tap and hold the send button (the blue arrow) until an Effects Screen appears.

Then tap on the Screen tab to go to full-screen effects menu in iMessage.

Swipe left until you find the Balloon Screen Effect and then press the Send button.

Tapping the arrow will send the message with the effect whereas tapping the ‘x’ will close the effects screen.

The Screen Effects also allow you to send the messages with Echo, Spotlight, Confetti, Heart, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star, and a Celebration effect. Just swipe left and right on the screen to choose an effect and press the send button. If you don’t want to send the message with an effect, press the little ‘x’ beneath the send button to cancel and return to the normal screen.