Most browsers have the feature to save your password and login information for each website you visit. While it is a handy feature, many of us don’t want our browsers to keep our passwords. Maybe it’s because you use a shared system, or you are worried about a security breach, you have the right to choose not to save your passwords. If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, it is very easy to disable password saving on these browsers.

How to Disable Password Saving in Google Chrome

To disable the feature to save passwords in Google Chrome, open the Chrome browser on your system and click on the ‘three vertical dots’ at the right corner of the address bar to open the menu. Then select Settings from the available options open Chrome settings screen.

Open Chrome Settings

Click the Passwords option under the Autofill section from the settings screen to open password settings of the browser.

You will see an option named Offer to Save Passwords at the very top of the Password settings screen. Turn the toggle off to disable password saving. Now your browser won’t ask you to save passwords for websites.

Turn off the ‘Offer to save passwords’ toggle to disable password saving in Chrome.

You can also open this setting by clicking on your profile icon next to the address bar, and then click on the key icon. It will say Passwords if you hover the mouse on it.

You can also open password settings directly from your Profile menu in Chrome

How to Disable Password Saving in Microsoft Edge

The process to disable password saving on Microsoft Edge is quite similar to the one above since it uses the same platform as Google Chrome.

Open Microsoft Edge Browser on your computer, and click on the ‘three horizontal dots’ (ellipses) next to the address bar to open the browser’s menu options. Select Settings from the menu to open your profile settings.

Click on Settings from menu.

From the Edge Profile settings screen, click on Passwords option.

Click on Passwords to open password settings.

The settings for Passwords will be open up. You can manage your passwords from here. At the very top of these settings will be the option to disable password saving in Microsoft Edge.

Turn off the toggle for Offer to Save Passwords to disable password saving in Edge. Now any time you log into a website, the browser will not ask to save login ID and password.

Disabling password saving in Microsoft Edge

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