If you own Logitech gaming devices, Logitech G Hub is the app you need to manage your peripherals. It’s a free app from Logitech whose sole purpose is to help you manage and customize your gaming peripherals. Once you get into gaming, the list of devices you own for the sole purpose of supporting your hobby starts getting long, and managing them efficiently can get tricky.

Whether it’s a mouse, keyboard, headset, joystick, gaming mouse pad, or any other gaming accessory from Logitech, if it’s compatible with the Logitech G Hub app, you’re going to have a field day using the app on your Windows 11 device. Let’s see what the app is all about first and then dive straight into using it.

What does Logitech G Hub Offer?

With this app, you can easily control and manage all your Logitech G devices in a single place. The app has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. You can not only manage your Logitech G devices but also customize lighting, enjoy third-party integration, and get access to a community of gamers.

With this single portal, you can optimize and configure all your Logitech G gear. Here’s an overview of the optimization control it offers for your devices:

  • Mice: Logitech G Hub allows you to configure the optical sensor, DPI settings, and scroll and acceleration. You can also program the buttons programming as well as configure the onboard memory. It also lets you program LIGHTSYNC, which we’ll get to in a moment.
  • Keyboards: You can set up your Logitech G keyboard with macro-ready G Keys or remap individual keys using the app. There are also configuration options for creating multi-key bindings, or intricate macros. And you can also LIGHTSYNC programming for keyboards.
  • Headsets and Speakers: With the app, you can customize your Logitech G headset and speakers per game profile with custom EQ and surround preferences. You can even program LIGHTSYNC for the audio gear and assign G Keys mounted on the headset for faster and more precise play, as per your wish.
  • Webcams: You can create custom camera and video profiles for your webcams which you can switch on the fly. Logitech G stores your settings and applies them on startup.

Now, let’s get on to the question that must be burning in your mind. What exactly is LIGHTSYNC? This feature lets you colorize as well as sync the supported gear. There are various animation lighting effects available to choose from. You can also create your own effects or download the lighting profiles shared by the community. So, you can have synced lighting effects with everyone else in the game.

You cannot just share LIGHTSYNC profiles with the community, but also game profiles. Game profiles from your fellow streamers and pro players are also available for download, making it easy to try different mouse, keybinds, and macros to enhance your game. You can also have different profiles for different characters for a single game.

It also offers third-party app integration with apps like Discord, OBS, and Overwolf. And there’s so much more to discover once you explore the app.

Setting up your devices with Logitech G is extremely easy as it can automatically detect and recognize your gear. Since it also recognizes the type of device automatically, you instantly get access to all customization possibilities available for that device without any configuration required on your part.

Installing and Using Logitech G Hub

Downloading and installing Logitech G Hub is a piece of cake. Go to the official download page for Logitech G Hub for Windows 11 and click the ‘Download Now’ button.

You can also install it from the Logitech G site and even though the option says, ‘Download for Windows 10’, it’ll work with Windows 11 as well. The “exe” file downloaded from both links is the same.

Then, go to your downloads directory and double-click the .EXE file to run it.

A User Admin Control prompt will appear. Click ‘Yes’ to continue. The installer will open and start downloading the preliminary files required for installation. You’ll have to restart your computer once the preliminary files download. You can choose to restart right away or later when it suits you.

The installer will re-open on its own if you restart the computer right away. Otherwise, you might have to open the installer again manually from the .EXE file. Finally, click the ‘Install’ button from the Installer window when it re-opens.

Using Logitech G Hub

Once the installation is complete, the app will open. Go through the setup screens by clicking the arrow on the right and reach the last screen.

Then, click ‘Launch G Hub’ to launch the app.

A prompt will appear asking if you want to send analytics data to Logitech. You can either choose to send it or decide later. It’s up to you. Make your selection by clicking the corresponding radio button and then click the button below that becomes active.

As mentioned above, it’ll detect and recognize your Logitech G gear automatically. So, all you have to do is click the available gear to start configuring it from the dashboard/ Home screen.

The specific customization options for the selected device will open where you can customize the settings for the selected profile. Here, you can customize the LIGHTSYNC settings (if available) and other settings such as DPI or acceleration in the case of a mouse, macros for keyboards, etc.

By default, the profile selected is ‘Desktop’. To access the profiles, click the drop-down menu for ‘Profile’ at the top that’ll show the current profile at the moment.

Then, select ‘Manage Profiles’ from the menu.

G Hub will automatically detect the games installed on your system and show them under ‘Games & Applications’.

If it doesn’t, you can also manually add a game by clicking the ‘Add Game or Application (+)’ button and selecting the app from your computer.

To add a profile for a game, click the game icon under ‘Games & Applications’ to select it. Then, click the ‘Add a Profile for the Selected Game’ option.

Now, name your profile. You can create multiple profiles for the same game with this option. So, you can have separate profiles for Snipers, Healers, etc.

Click the profile to customize the gear settings for it. You can confirm that you’re customizing for the right profile by checking the profile name at the top of the Home screen. Then, click your gear one by one, and customize the settings for it.

That’s about it. Logitech G Hub can make the experience of using your Logitech G hardware completely dreamlike. Now, go on and customize your gear for different apps to have an otherworldly gaming experience.