We all get buried under notifications on a daily basis just by their sheer number. Even with the existing available options to manage notifications, we still end up having huge piles of notifications.

There have been times where some of our important notifications have been missed due to a humungous pile of non-critical notifications. Though it has been more than a decade we have been using smartphones but we still don’t have a notification handler that can deliver us notifications according to their priority.

Well, not anymore, Apple recently announced the launch of iOS 15, and with it, comes the Notification Summary on iPhone. Apple says it is capable of prioritizing and delivering non-critical notifications in the users’ leisure time. Sounds pretty neat, right?

Well to enable Notification Summary, let’s first understand what exactly is Notification Summary.

What is Notification Summary in iOS 15?

Notification Summary feature on iOS would help you de-clutter your notifications area by holding back notifications from all the non-essential apps to provide space for critical and time-sensitive notifications which you cannot afford to miss.

For all the non-essential apps, you can choose a preferred time and frequency to receive a bundled summary of notifications comprising your chosen apps to easily keep a tab on them at your convenience.

To further eliminate the possibility of missing an important update or message. Notification Summary will still give out notifications from people and will sport larger icons to help distinguish them at a glance. Thus, keeping a tab on urgent alerts can get as effortless as possible.

Also, using the on-device AI iOS will map out user’s interaction with the apps and rise the most relevant notifications to the top, and the rest of them would be arranged according to their priority.

Enable Notification Summary on iPhone

First, launch the settings app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Next, scroll down and tap on ‘Notifications’ option from the list.

After that, tap on ‘Scheduled Summary’ option.

Now, toggle the switch preceding ‘Scheduled Summary’ option to enable the feature.

After enabling the feature you will get a brief regarding the Notification Summary feature. Read it and then tap ‘Continue’.

The next step would be choosing the apps you do not want to notified about instantly and receive a bundled summary at your set schedule. Choose your desired application by tapping on their name from the list.

Notice the red dots followed by a number below the application. That is the average number of notifications you receive per day from the app.

Once desired applications are chosen, Tap on ‘Add [x] Apps’ where ‘[x]’ would be the number of your chosen apps. For instance, I have selected 7 applications.

On the next screen, you would be required to set a schedule to receive the Notification Summary.

Tap on the ‘time’ displayed preceding the ‘1st Summary’ option. Then, select your desired time to receive the notification summary.

To receive more than one summary to your schedule, tap on the ‘+’ icon.

add more than one notification summary

Then, repeat the step to select your desired time for this summary as well.

set time for more than one notification summary

In case you want to remove a Summary Notification. You can do that by tapping on the ‘–‘ icon.

remove notification summary

Once you have set the schedule as per your need, tap on the ‘Turn on Notification Summary’ button.

turn on notification summary

Customize Notification Summary on iPhone

There will definitely come a time when you would need to customize the Notification Summary. Maybe change the frequency of your schedule or perhaps add or remove applications in the Notification Summary.

First, launch the settings app from the home screen of your iPhone.

tap on settings

Next, scroll down and tap on ‘Notifications’ option from the list.

tap on notifications

After that, tap on ‘Scheduled Summary’ option on the screen.

tap on the scheduled summary to customize notification summary on iPhone

Now, to change the delivery frequency tap on the ‘Deliver Summary’ option.

tap on deliver summary

Next, choose the delivery frequency for Notification Summary as per your need. Then, tap ‘Back’ to confirm.

Note: You can schedule a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 12 Notification Summary schedules in a day.

choose frequency for notification summary on iPhone

To change delivery timings of Notification Summary, tap on the time preceding the number of summaries from the list you require to change.

change timing for notification summary on iPhone

After that, add or remove applications in your Notification Summary. Tap on the ‘Apps in Summary’ option on the screen.

tap on app summary

Now, toggle the button preceding the application you would like to add or remove any application in your Notification Summary.

toggle apps for notification summary on iphone

Once required changes are made. Tap on the ‘Back’ button to apply the changes.

tap back to set apps for notification summary on iphone

There you go, people. With Notification Summary at your disposal, you can free yourself from the hassle of missing out on important notifications and make your Notification Centre more bare-able to look at with all the reduced clutter!