iOS 15

Face Mask

How to Use Face ID with Mask and Glasses on iPhone

Enable the ‘Use Face ID with Mask’ feature to quickly unlock your iPhone even when you’re wearing a face mask.

Safari Web Browser

How to Customize Safari Start Page on iPhone

You can finally customize the Start Page of Safari on iPhone.

Phone DND Do Not Disturb

What is Focus Status in iMessage on iPhone?

Choose whether you want others to know you are busy while using a Focus Mode


How to Use Siri to Share On-Screen Photos, Links, Music, and More on your iPhone

Need to share something ASAP? You can now let Siri handle it without even lifting a finger!

Drag and drop

How to Use Drag and Drop to Share Content Across Apps in iPhone

This secret trick in iOS 15 lets you share and save content like a speedster.


How to Use Tags in Notes and Reminders on iPhone

iOS 15 now has tags in notes and reminders to make your life easier.

iPhone text size

How to Change Display and Text Size Settings on Per-App Basis in iPhone

iOS 15 brings a wonderful hidden gem with it: You can set different text size and other settings for each app now.

Mobile video call

Can You Do a FaceTime Call from Android to iPhone?

You can join FaceTime calls from an Android phone. But when it comes to starting them, Android users are still on the outs.

Health Data

How to Share Health Data and Notifications with Others on iPhone

Easily share health data and alerts with your loved ones, caregiver, or a doctor.


How to Play Background Sounds on iPhone like Rain, Stream, and More

There’s no more need for third-party apps to play ambient sounds on your iPhone.

FaceTime SharePlay

SharePlay is Not Working in iOS 15 Yet, You Need to Wait Until Year End

If you hopped on some FaceTime calls to use this feature, you’re in for some disappointment.

Password and Key

How to View and Edit Saved Passwords on iPhone in iCloud Keychain

Want to view and edit saved passwords on your iPhone? Or want to start using iCloud Keychain? Read along to get all your questions answered!

iPhone email

How to Set Up and Use Hide My Email in iCloud+ on iPhone

Hate giving out your email address to every other app and website? Set up and use ‘Hide My Email’ in iCloud+ on iPhone and say goodbye to spam mails.

Mobile Search

How to Enable or Disable Photos from Spotlight Search on iPhone

One of the many new features of iOS 15 is the ability to search photos from the Spotlight search. This…

New Notification

What is a Time-Sensitive Notification on iPhone and How to Enable or Disable it

Learn how to quickly enable or disable Time-Sensitive notification for an app on your iPhone and never miss an important update!

Mobile Notification

How to Enable and Use Notification Summary on iPhone

Notification Summary on iPhone de-clutters your Notification Centre and helps you discover the important notifications quickly.

Mobile Scanner

How to Copy and Paste Text from Camera or Photos on iPhone

With iOS 15, you can now copy and paste text directly from Camera or the Photos app on your iPhone! It’s as effortless as copying text from a webpage or document.

Focus Mode

How to Use Focus Mode on your iPhone

The new Focus mode will be a gamechanger in how you use your iPhone, or rather, not use it when you’re busy.

Uninstall Update

How to Remove iOS 15 Beta and Downgrade Back to iOS 14

Beta testing not your cup of tea? Get rid of it and downgrade to the previous, public version.