Google Meet is used by a lot of organizations and schools to conduct meetings and classes online. Especially now, since Google has made the service available for everyone and not just the Enterprise account holders as it previously was, a lot of users are using it to connect in these dire times.

But when using Google Meet, there is one problem users have run into repeatedly. When the Host leaves the meeting, there is no option to end the meeting for all and hence, the meeting participants can use the Meeting Room even after the host is gone. It has become a reason for distress for many meeting hosts, but especially for teachers who discover that the kids have been chatting away happily in the meeting room in their absence.

Although there is no straightforward choice for ending the Google Meet for everyone, and no matter how unfortunate that is, it is still no reason to distress as you can make sure that no one can use the meeting room after you, i.e. the host, leaves.

The trick here is to not leave the meeting until everyone has left. It’s how Google Meet works.

Meeting participants can only use the meeting room when the host leaves the meeting before them. So to ensure that your Google Meet meeting ends permanently, you should only leave it after all participants have left the meeting. If there’s even one participant left in the meeting before you leave, then the meeting won’t end.

If you cannot wait for others to leave, you can always remove them by hand from the meeting. To remove someone, click on the ‘People’ icon on the top right corner of the meeting screen.

The participant list will open. Click on the name of the participant you want to remove.

Three options will expand underneath the participant’s name. Click on the ‘Remove’ button (the last icon) to remove them.

A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Remove’ to confirm. It will remove them from the meeting. Repeat for all other participants.

To make sure that the meeting ends after the host has left, and the meeting room becomes inaccessible to other participants, the host needs to make sure that they are the last to leave the meeting room in Google Meet. When the host leaves after everyone else, it makes it clear to Google that the meeting has ended and no one can misuse the meeting room.