Unable to post a tweet with Media? No matter how you change the media format or resolution, you’ll probably get the same error over and over — “some of your media failed to upload”.

You must see, this is not an issue with the media file. It’s Twitter blocking you from posting anything on your Twitter profile. If you’ve always only posted tweets with media content on your profile, and your account is relatively new with not many followers, then Twitter might block you from posting anything on the unless you pass a simple security check.

When you’re posting a tweet with a picture or video though, you may not get a prompt to pass a security check.

To get a prompt to pass a security challenge, remove the media file from your tweet and try posting a text-based based tweet. You’ll be redirected to a page asking you to “Pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge”. Click ‘Start’ on this page.

On the next screen, you’ll see the usual ‘Are you a robot?’ from Google’s reCAPTCHA system to verify you’re a human. Tick the checkbox on the screen, and then hit the ‘Continue’ button after verifying.

You’ll then be greeted with a ‘Thank you!’ note from Twitter for verifying you’re a human. Click the ‘Continue to Twitter’ button to go to your Twitter profile.

The ‘Tweet’ you started with will probably be forgotten. In our case, it did not post on the profile. But rest assured, you can now get back to posting a tweet with a media file again on your profile.