Apex Legends Season 1 update is rolling out today along with the much awaited Battle Pass and a new legend Octane. To get the battle pass, you need to spend at least 950 Apex Coins which costs around $10 to get in the game. But thanks to EA Origin Access subscription rewards, you can get 1,000 Apex Coins for half the price to get the Battle Pass.

The Apex Legends Battle Pass comes in two packages, the base package gets you Wild Frontier Legend skins for Wraith, Lifeline, and Mirage, while everything else is awarded as you level up in the Season 1. The premium package — Battle Pass Bundle — will unlock your next 25 levels for Season 1, along with the exclusive rewards.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Cost


  • In-game currency: 950 Apex Coins
  • Real money: $10 can buy you 1,000 Apex Coins


  • In-game currency: 2800 Apex Coins
  • Real money: $40 can buy you 4,350 Apex Coins

Hot tip: How to get Apex Legends Battle Pass for half the price

How to buy Apex Legends Battle Pass

The Apex Legends Battle Pass can be purchased through the in-game store only using Apex Coins.

  1. Launch Apex Legends on your PC or console.
  2. Click on the Battle Pass tab from the main screen.
  3. Purchase the Battle Pass using Apex Coins.

If you need to buy Apex Coins, you can do that from the Apex Coins tab in the Store.

Happy gaming!