Being in a Group chat can require a lot of patience sometimes. There are some people who just end up making the Group Chat their personal spamming ground. And no matter how much you love them, enough is enough. You have to get out.

To leave an iMessage Group Chat, open the Messages app on your iPhone and select the conversation thread for the iMessage Group Chat you want to leave. Then, tap on the profile icons/avatars of the group participants at the top and tap on the info icon from the expanded options that appear.

Scroll down to the very bottom and tap the ‘Leave this Conversation’ button. A confirmation message will appear, tap on it and you will no longer be a part of the iMessage Group.

Important Note:
If there are only 3 participants in an iMessage group chat, you cannot leave that group. There have to be 4 or more participants in the Group to leave it. You can mute the conversation instead if this happens to be the case.

To mute a group in the Messages app on iPhone, go to the main screen of the Messages app, then place your finger at the right edge of the group conversation you wish to mute and swipe left. Then tap the ‘Hide Alerts’ option from the expanded menu.

Hide alerts for a group in Messages

A little moon icon will be displayed at the left edge of the conversation. Now, you won’t receive notifications for any messages in this group. The only way you will know about the messages is if you open the messages app and find the group conversation thread.

The moon icon shows that messages from this contact/group are muted.