Sticky Notes is one of those Windows apps that has a lot of potential but has yet to realize it. For now, it’s a convenient app that lets you make post-it-like notes on your computer. Each note you create in the app can be a post-it note; only you stick these notes on your desktop and not your fridge. And you also save paper while you’re at it!

Sticky Notes is an integrated Windows app that you don’t need to download separately. It’s part of the reason why most users turn to it despite room for many improvements the community is constantly asking for. But don’t just completely write it off yet. Despite its shortcomings, it gets the job done. You need to make a note of something, just open a sticky note and write it down.

You could let the note hang out on your desktop if it’s something you need to get back to soon. Or you could close the note and open it again from the app at any time later. It’s perfect for noting down little things.

But for users who have a habit of jotting down important things on sticky notes and keeping them on the desktop, these notes can pile up. Is there a way to hide or minimize these notes? The minimize button is, after all, curiously missing from the sticky note interface. The only option present is the Close icon that closes the sticky note. And to open it again, you have to dive into your notes list in the app.

There are ways to minimize the notes, but not as convenient as they ought to have been. And, hence, my previous frustration about Sticky Notes not living up to its potential. But keeping personal opinions aside, here’s how you can minimize the Sticky Notes on your desktop without closing them.

Click the Taskbar Icon for Sticky Notes

Some time ago, apparently clicking the taskbar icon for the Sticky Notes app would minimize all the sticky notes on your desktop. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way in Windows 11 anymore.

But if you do have a single sticky note open on your desktop, this is the quickest way to minimize it. Click the taskbar icon and the note will be minimized. Click it again to restore it back to the desktop.

Use the ‘Show Desktop’ option

If the only things open on your desktop are sticky notes, no matter how many, this is probably the quickest way to minimize them in a single go.

Go to the rightmost end of the taskbar, way beyond the notification area. When you hover over it, it’ll say ‘Show Desktop’; click it.

All your sticky notes will be minimized.

This option minimizes all current windows on the desktop. So, if you have a lot of windows open, perhaps over multiple monitors, you’d better skip this method.

Use the ‘Hide All Notes’ Option in the Jumplist

This is the one method you can turn to regardless of how many notes you have open on your screen or how many other windows are open. It will only minimize all sticky notes.

Go to the taskbar icon for Sticky Notes and right-click it. Then, click the ‘Hide all Notes’ option from the context menu.

All notes will be minimized. To open them, right-click the taskbar icon for the app again and select ‘Show all notes’ from the menu.

Sticky Notes is a great app to take notes on Windows. Hopefully, it’ll get better in the future. But until then, you can efficiently use it with the methods listed above.