Need to free some storage space on your iPhone? Or want to secure all your photos and videos in the cloud so you access them from any device? Well, Apple has just the right service built into your iPhone for all your cloud storage needs — iCloud.

You can backup all your photos and videos automatically to the iCloud using the iCloud Photos on your iPhone. When enabled in the device settings, iCloud Photos feature will automatically upload and save your entire library of photos and videos online so you access them from any device on the website.

To enable iCloud Photos backup option, first open the Settings app from your iPhone’s homescreen.

Open iPhone Settings app
Open Settings app from the home screen on your iPhone

Then on the top of the settings screen, tap on [Your Name] to open the Apple ID settings screen.

Tap your name on the iPhone settings main screen
Tap your name on the iPhone settings main screen

From the Apple ID settings screen, tap iCloud to access all settings related to iCloud on your iPhone.

Open iCloud settings iPhone
Tap iCloud on the Apple ID settings screen

Tap tap on Photos from the iCloud settings screen.

Select Photos from the iCloud settings screen

Then finally, turn on the toggle swtich for iCloud Photos option to ennable automatic backup of photos and videos from your iPhone to iCloud when connnected to a Wi-Fi network.

Turn on the toggle switch for iCloud Photos option

After turning on iCloud Photos, you’ll see that the Optimise iPhone Storage option is enabled by default. This option reduces the file size of the pictures on the device and uploads the full resolution version of the picture to iCloud. This lets you free up some storage space on your iPhone.

However, you can also select the Download and Keep Originals option to keep full resolution version of pictures saved on both your iPhone and iCloud.

Once your iPhone photos are uploaded to iCloud, you can view them from any device by going to website and signing with your Apple ID and Password.

Accessing iCloud Photos on website from Chrome

If you’d like to sync iCloud Photos library to your Windows PC, be sure to check the page linked below where we have covered all aspects of accessing iCloud photos on a Windows PC.

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