Darts is one of the very popular games that people socialize over. However, you and your buddy might not find the time to go play darts physically or might not even live in the same city.

Fortunately, you can play darts on iMessage as effortlessly as you would physically. Moreover, you and your opponent can play at your own convenient time since the game will be paused till you finish your turn. Now, how awesome is that?

In case you have not played darts in real life but you wish to play the game with your near and dear ones, the game of darts on iMessage will perfectly fit your bill.

However, ‘Darts’ is not available as a standalone game on the iMessage store. Hence, you would have to download the ‘GamePigeon’ app from the iMessage store.

Understanding the Dartboard and Agenda of the Game

In a game of darts, you start with a certain number, and you score points to reduce it to zero. The first player to reach zero points wins the game.

There are several modes in a darts game available on iMessage, namely – 101,201,301. The number of the mode suggests the score you start with at the starting of the game and then throw darts at different segments of the board to reduce it to zero.

Each player gets three tries each turn and the final score is the combination of all tries. Each segment of the dartboard carries its own value that is written on the circumference of the board.

Download GamePigeon app from the iMessage Store

Downloading the app is usually done from App Store, however, in this case, you will need to download the app from the Messages app.

To download the GamePigeon app, open the Messages app either from the home screen or from the app library of your iPhone.

Then, tap on the existing conversation head to continue. Otherwise, click on the ‘Compose’ message button to initiate a new conversation with a contact.

Next, tap on the grey-colored ‘App Store’ icon present at the bottom of the conversation screen to reveal iMessage apps.

Then, from the revealed options, tap on the blue-colored ‘App Store’ icon to open the iMessage store.

Now, tap on the ‘Search’ icon and type GamePigeon in the search bar. Then, tap on the ‘Search’ button present in the bottom right corner.

Next, from the search results, locate the ‘GamePigeon’ tile and click on the ‘Get’ or the ‘cloud icon’ button to initiate the download after providing authentication using your preferred way.

Make sure you also ask your opponent to download the app the same way on their phone in order to be able to play the game of darts with them on iMessage.

Start a Game of Darts with a Contact on your iPhone

Once you and your opponent have downloaded the game of darts, either of you can start a game of Darts from the Messages app from your respective iPhones.

To do so, head to the Messages app either from the home screen or from the app library of your iPhone.

Then, tap on the conversation head of the contact you wish to play the game with. In case you wish to initiate a new conversation, click on the ‘compose message’ icon to continue.

Once you are on the conversation screen, click on the grey-colored ‘App Store’ icon to reveal the iMessage apps.

After that, scroll from left to right on the revealed bar to locate the ‘GamePigeon’ app and tap on it. It will reveal a grid of games on your screen.

Now, locate and tap on the ‘Darts’ tile from the grid of options to continue.

Next, before initiating the game, you can select the game mode you wish to play by tapping on the respective options present in the ‘Game Mode’ section. If you wish to customize your in-game darts, click on the ‘Customize’ tile and select one that catches your fancy.

Once you have selected the game mode and customized your darts to your preference, click on the ‘Send’ button to start the game. Since you initiated the game, your opponent gets the first turn.

Now, to throw a dart flick your finger/thumb from the bottom of the screen and towards the segment of the board, you wish to hit.

In each turn, you will get three tries to throw the darts at the board. Your score of each turn will be the total of all the tries and the first player to reach zero points will win the game.

Tip: Try to aim your darts towards the segment having the highest number of points to score more points in each try.

Turn Sound & Music On/Off for Darts

Though the in-game sound and music are pretty minimal, the game still offers an option to disable it in case you wish to listen to your own playlist or no music at all.

To do so, from the game screen, tap on the ‘hamburger’ icon present at the top right corner of the screen. This will reveal an overflow menu.

Now, from the context menu, tap on the ‘Settings’ option to proceed. This will open a separate overlay window on your screen.

Then, under the avatar customization options, locate and tap on the ‘Music’ button to turn off the SFX sound in the game.

In case you wish to turn off the in-game music, tap on the ‘Sound’ button to turn it off.

And that’s it, people, this is how you can enjoy a game of darts with your near and dear one virtually.