If you are facing occasional bugs on the browser or some other unexpected behavior, you can quickly fix it by reinstalling the browser on your computer. However, Windows 11 does not let you uninstall Edge from the usual route of the Settings app or the Control Panel.

Thankfully, there is a quick workaround that involves CMD that you can use to uninstall the app from your computer.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge Using Terminal

To uninstall Microsoft Edge from your Windows computer, you simply need to execute a command in the Command Prompt. However, before you do that, you will need to locate the installer file of Edge on your local storage.

Open a new window of File Explorer by either double-clicking on the ‘This PC’ icon or by pressing the Windows+E keys together on your keyboard.

After that, type or copy+paste the below-mentioned directory in the address bar and hit Enter to proceed.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\

Now, double-click on the version folder to continue.

Note: The version might vary from the one displayed in the screenshot.

After that, double-click on the ‘Installer’ folder.

Now, copy the location by heading to the address bar and pressing the Ctrl+C keys together on your keyboard. Keep it handy as you will be using it in further steps.

Now, head to the Start Menu and type Terminal to perform a search. After that, right-click on the ‘Terminal’ tile and choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Now, a UAC (User Account Control) window will appear on your screen. If you are not logged in with an admin account, enter the credentials for one. Otherwise, click on the ‘Yes’ button to proceed.

Now, on the Terminal window, click on the ‘chevron’ (downward arrow) and select the ‘Command Prompt’ option.

After that type or copy+paste the below-mentioned command and hit Enter to execute it.

cd <copied directory>

Note: Replace the placeholder with the directory you copied earlier in this guide.

Next, type or copy+paste the following command and hit Enter to execute it.

setup.exe –uninstall –system-level –verbose-logging –force-uninstall

Once the command has been executed successfully, Microsoft Edge will be removed from your device. Now, restart the device from the Start Menu to completely remove all the supporting files as well.

Reinstall Microsoft Edge

Reinstalling Microsft Edge is a straightforward process. Just head to the official website, download the installer, and install the browser using it.

First, head to www.microsoft.com/edge using your preferred browser and click on the ‘Download Edge’ button.

Then, click on the ‘Download’ button following the ‘Windows 11’ option. This will bring a separate window to your screen.

Next, click on the ‘Accept & download’ button.

After that head to the Downloads directory and double-click on the .EXE file you just downloaded.

Then, wait till the installer downloads Microsoft Edge on your computer.

Once Edge is downloaded, it will be automatically launched on your screen.

That’s about it, folks. Using the above-mentioned method, you can easily reinstall Microsoft Edge on your PC to clear out bugs or any other out-of-the-blue behavior of the browser.