How to Remove Someone from an iMessage Group Chat on iPhone

Added someone to an iMessage group chat who you no longer want around? No worries. You can remove them easily by following these simple steps.

Open the Messages app from your iPhone home screen, then select the group conversation from which you wish to remove a member.

Open a group chat in Messages app

Tap on the avatars at the top of the screen, and then tap ‘i’ (info) icon from the expanded menu. In older iOS versions, the ‘i’ icon will be located at the upper right corner of the screen.

Open the group info screen

Scroll through the list of people added to the group. Slowly, place your finger at the right side of the contact info of the person you want to remove and swipe left. It will slide to reveal the Remove option.

Swipe left on the contact

Tap Remove. If you get a confirmation dialogue, tap remove again to confirm that you wish to remove the selected person from the group.

Click on the ‘Remove’ to remove the person

📑 Important Note
You can only remove someone from an iMessage Group Chat if the Conversation has four or more participants.