We all may have at some point rotated the screen by mistake while playing a game. It seemed as if some error has cropped up. Many people using Windows 10 for tablets prefer rotating the screen to read books or other documents.

There are multiple ways to rotate the screen. Earlier we could rotate the screen using keyboard shortcuts, but Windows has disabled it in recent updates. But you can still rotate the screen on Windows 10 with the following simple steps.

Rotating Screen on Windows 10

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select ‘Display settings’ from the menu.

In display settings, scroll down to find ‘Display Orientation’. You can see the current display orientation under it. The default display orientation is ‘Landscape’. To change display orientation, click on the bar.

You will now see the four available display orientations. Select the appropriate orientation and the screen will rotate accordingly.

If you have multiple monitors attached to your computer and you want to use one vertically, then you can individually define orientation for each display as well.