Windows Terminal is an amazing terminal application with many features and Microsoft is still adding new features to it with each new update. The ability to search the Windows Terminal buffer is available to users since the release of Windows Terminal Preview v0.8 in January 2020.

You can open the search dropdown menu by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+F keyboard shortcut to find and search the text in Windows Terminal.

Type the text you want to search for in the search bar and hit enter. The matched text will be highlighted in grey colour on the screen.

You can look for more matching text in output using Find Up & Find Down buttons located near the search bar. The Find Up button will search for the matching text above the current location of the matched word.

Similarly, the Find Down button will look for the keyword matches below the current location of the matched word.

You can use Match Case button to find the text with exact same letter case as search text you typed.

This is how you search the output in Windows Terminal. The search functionality is still new and it will only get better as Microsoft continues to work on Windows Terminal.