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How to Install Magento 2 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

A comprehensive guide on how to set up and deploy Magento2 store on a Ubuntu 20.04 server.

How to Install Laravel on Ubuntu 20.04

Everything you need to know to deploy a Laravel web application on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

A comprehensive guide to install and set up Docker Community Edition on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Systems


How to Install Skype on Ubuntu 20.04

Quick guide to install Skype from command line on Ubuntu 20.04


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Compose your PHP project with ease by letting composer manage all the dependencies

How to Install GCC (build-essential) on Ubuntu 20.04

Step-by-step guide to installing GCC and G++ compilers on your Ubuntu machine

Legacy Edge Browser

FIX: Microsoft Edge Keeps Closing (Not Launching) Problem

Update your Edge browser to the latest Chromium-based Edge to fix launching issues

Web page

How to Link to Text on a Web Page in Chrome and Edge

Create a link that automatically scrolls to a selected text on a webpage when opened in Chrome or Edge

How to Install Canva Desktop App

Design beautiful posters and graphic images with the new Canva Desktop app for Windows and Mac

Install Docker Windows 10

How to Install Docker on Windows 10

Complete guide to install and run Docker with either Hyper-V or WSL backends on a Windows 10 PC

How to Update Winget Source List

Everything you need to know about updating the winget sources on your PC


FIX: Discord Fatal JavaScript Error on your Windows PC

Step-by-step guide to fixing the fatal Java script error in Discord on Windows 10

Find and search Windows terminal

How to Search in Windows Terminal Output

Quickly find the text you’re looking in a large output on Windows Terminal

Windows PowerToys

How to Download and Install PowerToys on Windows 10

Be the power user you always wanted to be with PowerToys for Windows

How to Get Windows Terminal Font (Cascadia Code) in Ubuntu Terminal

Step-by-step guide to download, install and set Windows Terminal’s Cascadia Code font in Ubuntu Terminal

Webex Screen Sharinng

How to Share Screen in a Webex Meeting

Step-by-step guide to guide to sharing screen in Webex meetings

How to Install Flatpaks on Ubuntu 20.04

Learn how to install and use Flatpak package manager on Ubuntu

Windows Terminal Transparent

How to Make Windows Terminal Transparent

Add transparency to the solid black background in Windows Terminal using acrylic background effect feature in Windows 10

CMD as Default Windows Terminal

How to Set Command Prompt (CMD) as Default in Windows Terminal

Learn how to change the default shell in Windows Terminal

winget install app

How to Use “winget” to Install Apps from Command Line on Windows 10

Guide to search and install apps using Winget on Windows 10

Windows 10 Winget CLI

How to Download and Install Winget CLI (Windows Package Manager)

winget is a command line tool to install Windows apps in a jiffy, the one that you’ve been waiting for ages

Microsoft Teams Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu 20.04

2 Ways to download and install Microsoft Teams on a Ubuntu machine

Nginx Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Full step-by-step guide to install and set up a Nginx web server on a Ubuntu 20.04 system

Install Zoom Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install Zoom on Ubuntu 20.04

3 easy ways to download and install the Zoom app on your Ubuntu machine