Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is more secure than ever and the company actively puts effort into reinforcing the security that the OS offers. When it comes to securing your PC, Windows does not hold you back. It offers multiple options for you to choose from and pick the one that suits you the best.

In Windows 11 your general way of securing your computer comes in the form of log-in passwords or PINs. Although, if you have a compatible device, you can even set up Facial recognition or Fingerprint recognition, or a physical security key as well. In this guide, we will talk about how you can set up a PIN on your Windows 11 computer but first let’s get to why you might consider setting up one.

Why Use a PIN in Place of a Password?

Using a PIN to log into your PC has numerous perks. First of all, the PIN that you set up can solely be used to access your computer. This is beneficial when you need to share access to your computer with someone but aren’t comfortable sharing your Microsoft account password.

The PIN is also convenient. Naturally, the PIN is supposed to be numerical although you have the option to include letters and symbols. The PIN is easy to set up and easy to remember which also makes it a faster log-in method than password log-in.

Additionally, if you eventually set up Facial Recognition or Fingerprint recognition with Windows Hello, you will have to set up a PIN anyway as a backup to biometric passwords.

Setting up a PIN to Sign-in into your Windows 11 PC

The process of setting up a PIN in Windows 11 is fairly simple. Start with opening the Settings menu by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard or by searching for it in Windows search.

In the Settings window, click on ‘Accounts’ from the left panel and then select ‘Sign-in options’ on the right panel.

After that, select ‘PIN (Windows Hello)’ from ‘Ways to sign in’ section and then click on the ‘Set up’ button from expanded menu.

Before you can set up a PIN to log into Windows, you have to verify your identity. A dialog box will appear asking you to enter your password. Enter your password inside the ‘Password’ field and click on ‘OK’ to continue.

After you have verified your identity you can now set up the PIN on the new dialog box. Enter the PIN you want to use in the ‘New PIN’ and ‘Confirm PIN’ text fields and click on the ‘OK’ button.

If you wish to use letters and symbols in your PIN, check the box that says ‘Include letters and symbols’. Additionally, you can click on the ‘Pin requirements’ text to expand it and show you the minimum requirements for your PIN to be effective.

Once done, the window will close and you will see new options appear under the PIN (Windows Hello) section. This means you have successfully set up a PIN to your account in Windows 11 and you can use it to sign in to your PC going forward.

How to Change or Remove Sign-in PIN in Windows 11

To change your PIN, you need to open up the ‘Sign-in options’ menu in Settings. To do so, open up the Settings menu by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard. Then click on ‘Accounts’ in the left panel in the Settings app and then select the ‘Sign-in options’ tile from the right side.

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After that, click on ‘PIN (Windows Hello) and you will be presented with the options to change or remove your PIN.

Now, If you wish to change your current PIN, select the ‘Change PIN’ option and a dialog box will appear. Put your current PIN inside the first text field that says ‘PIN’. After that enter your new PIN inside the ‘New PIN’ and ‘Confirm PIN’ fields and click on the ‘OK’ button to save the changes.

You can also check to box that says ‘Include letters and symbols’ to use letters and symbols in your PIN.

If you wish to remove the PIN from your Windows 11 PC, select ‘Remove’ from the PIN options menu on the ‘Sign-in options’ settings. It will give you a warning to confirm the action. Click on ‘Remove’ once more.

Before you remove your pin, you have to verify your identity by entering your account password. Put your account password inside the ‘Password’ field and then click on ‘OK’ to continue.

You have now successfully removed the PIN from your Windows 11 PC.