How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Opening on Startup on Windows 10

Microsoft Teams Startup

If you do not use the Teams app for important work purposes, it’s safe to disable it from auto-starting on your computer

Microsoft Teams is one of the latest team collaboration platforms complete with features like chats, video calling, screen sharing, document sharing, and many more. Although it is available as a web app, its desktop app provides more advanced features.

However, the Microsoft Teams app automatically starts when you turn on your PC, and it is not only annoying but also slows down the Windows startup process. Thankfully, it’s easily fixable.

You can disable the auto-start option for the Microsoft Teams app on Windows quite simply. It also helps improve the boot up time of your computer.

Disabling Microsoft Teams from Auto Starting in the App Settings

If you don’t use Microsoft Teams and aren’t even logged into the app, you can easily disable auto-start for it directly from the quick settings menu from the taskbar icon of Microsoft Teams.

Locate the small purple Teams icon on the bottom right corner on the taskbar.

Right-click on the Teams icon. A menu will appear, select the “Do not auto-start Teams” option inside the settings option.

In case you do not find the Microsoft Teams icon on the taskbar, click on the ‘Upward arrow icon’ present on the taskbar and you will find the Microsoft Teams app icon.

If you’re logged into the Microsoft Teams app, you probably won’t see the expanded settings menu after clicking the Teams app icon. In that case, just select the ‘Settings’ option to open the Microsoft Teams settings screen.

Or, you could also access Microsoft Teams settings from the menu inside the app. To access it, open the Microsoft Teams app on your computer, then click on the ‘Profile Picture’ icon at top-right corner and select ‘Settings’ from the available options.

Then, from the Microsoft Teams settings screen, uncheck the checkbox beside ‘Auto-start application’ option under the ‘General’ settings menu.

Auto-Start for Microsoft Teams app will be disabled if you uncheck the ” Auto-start application” option.

Remove Microsoft Teams from Startup Apps in Windows 10

If you don’t want to bother with Microsoft Teams internal settings options, you can always use the built-in ‘Startup’ feature in Windows 10 to manage auto-starting apps, including Microsoft Teams.

Open the ‘Start’ menu and click on the ‘Settings’ gear icon on the left side to launch Windows Settings menu.

Open Windows 10 Settings menu
Open Windows 10 Settings menu

Select the ‘Apps’ option from the Windows Settings screen.

Then, select the ‘Startup’ option from the left panel. This menu will list all apps installed on your computer that can be configured to automatically start when Windows boots up.

Scroll through the list apps until you find the Microsoft Teams app, then click on the toggle button next to it and to turn it off.

If you don’t use Microsoft Teams for work, it’s safe to disable it from auto-starting on your computer. If you use it for work, we recommend keeping the app’s default auto-starting options enabled because missing an important meeting or message notification from your team members is the last you’d want when it comes to business and work.