iMessage is one of the most popular features of Apple devices that users just love to love. iMessage is Apple’s own instant messaging service that works across all your Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac – no doubt it’s popular with the masses!

Using iMessage, you can send and receive text and multimedia messages to other Apple users. There are also many other awesome features that come with it, like the message effects or Memojis and Animojis that add a personal touch to your messages. And it doesn’t require your carrier services or cost you anything. All you need is an internet connection, Wi-Fi or Cellular Data, and you’re good to go. Well, almost good to go. You also need to turn on iMessage first to be able to use it.

Setting up iMessage on your iPhone is a rather simple and easy process. And for many people, chances are, it is already on. But if you recently bought a new iPhone or previously turned iMessage off, you can turn it on in just a couple of steps.

iMessage requires your iCloud account to work. That’s the reason it works across all your devices and not just your iPhone. It’s also the reason iMessage might already be set up on your iPhone. When you set up a new iPhone, it asks you to create an iCloud account or log in using an existing account. If you did, then it is very likely that your iMessage may already be on.

But if it wasn’t, or if you’re not sure, then open the ‘Settings’ app from your Home Screen.

Then scroll down until you find the ‘Messages’ option. Tap on it.

The settings for Messages will open. There on the very top, you’ll find the setting for iMessage with a toggle button next to it. If the toggle is already green, then iMessage is already on for your device. Otherwise, tap it to turn it on.

Wait for a few seconds, and iMessage will turn on. You’ll now be able to communicate with other iMessage users using blue bubbles instead of green.

iMessages are great to communicate exclusively with Apple users. And with all the fun effects and functional features it has, you need to turn it on right now. Because if you don’t already use it, you’re missing out.