Jamboard is the whiteboard from Google that offers users a doodling space unlike any other. Jamboard used to be available as a hardware tool only but then Google introduced Jamboard as a web app for anyone to use with a Google account.

Jamboard offers many tools like different pens, sticky notes, images, laser, additional pages, etc. to its users. But one feature that sets it truly apart from other whiteboards is that it is collaborative. You can share the whiteboard you are working on with others and work with them at the same time.

You can use Jamboard in Google Meet to share its contents with other people in the meeting and if need be, also collaborate on it with other meeting participants to work with them on the Jamboard in real-time.

How to Share Jamboard in Google Meet

Go to jamboard.google.com on your browser before or during a Google Meet. It will show your previous Jam files if there are any. You can open an existing Jam file, or click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen to create a new one. With Jamboard, you can share an existing whiteboard in Google Meet, or start fresh with a new Jamboard. It’s entirely up to you.

Now, if you are not already in a meeting, go to meet.google.com and join or create a meeting. After you are in the meeting, click on the ‘Present now’ button on the call toolbar when you want to use the Jamboard.

Choose ‘A Chrome tab’ from the various options on the ‘Present’ menu.

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A window will open with a list of open Chrome tabs on your browser. Select the tab where the Jamboard is open, and click on ‘Share’.

Now, everyone in the meeting will be able to see your Jamboard and everything you doodle or write on it. Use it to instruct, share, draw, or whatever you want during the meeting.

How to Collaborate on Jamboard with Participants in a Google Meet

While having a whiteboard during a meeting comes in very handy, having a collaborative whiteboard can take it to the next level. Whether you want to share the whiteboard with certain people during the meeting, perhaps a fellow teacher or trainer or you want all participants to have access for an interactive session – with Jamboard it’s all possible.

On the Jamboard screen, click on the ‘Share’ button on the top-right corner.

By default, your Jamboard is private and only you can access it. But, you can change that on the Sharing settings screen. If you want to share the Jamboard with only certain people in the meeting, you can enter their names or email address in the ‘Invite People’ textbox and send them an invite.

Also, make sure that the access setting for the whiteboard is ‘Can edit’ otherwise people you share the Jamboard with will only be able to view, and not edit it. Click on the drop-down menu with the ‘Pen’ icon to check and change the access settings.

If you want everyone in the meeting to have access, there’s an easier way than typing in everyone’s email ids. There is a link that you can share with people so they can access the Jamboard.

You will also need to change who has access to the Jamboard. Click on the ‘Change’ option next to the current Privacy setting.

Then select ‘Anyone with the link’ from the list of options. You can change back these settings after the session is over if you want to restrict the access afterward.

Copy the link and then send it in the Google Meet chat so everyone in the meeting can see it. Click on the ‘Chat’ icon next to the ‘People’ icon in Google Meet to open the meeting chat.

When someone is collaborating on the Jamboard with you, all changes happen to your whiteboard in real-time. So everything will be visible to all participants in the Google Meet.

There are quite a few options for whiteboards available for Google Meet, but Jamboard from Google has to be one of the best options. The whiteboard that Jamboard offers is collaborative that makes it ascends all others in this category. Use the Jamboard in Google Meet to instruct, teach, or just set agendas during meetings.