Whenever you sign-in into a website in Microsoft Edge, the browser asks you to save your login credentials. If you choose to save them, the next time you sign-in, you won’t have to enter your login details. The browser will fill your login ID and Password for the website automatically.

This feature is very useful as remembering all your passwords can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re being diligent in following the best password security practices, i.e. using complex combinations and never using the same passwords across your accounts.

To view your saved passwords in the New Microsoft Edge, open the browser and click on the ellipses (three dots) on the right edge of the address bar, then select Settings from the available options.

The browser usually opens with the Profiles setting screen, if not, click Profiles option from the panel on left side of Edge settings screen.

Then select Passwords option from the profile settings screen.

On the Password settings screen, you will find all the settings required to manage saved passwords on Edge. You can alter other password settings as well here.

All your saved passwords will be under the section Saved Passwords. To view any of your saved passwords, click on the password reveal icon (the eye symbol) next to the password.

Windows Security will prompt you for your windows PIN/ password. This added layer of security ensures that only you can view the passwords saved on your browser. Enter the PIN and you will be able to see your password.

To delete any of your saved passwords in Edge, click on the three dots next to the password reveal icon and click on the Delete option.

To quickly search for a website’s password, you can either use the “Find on page” shortcut Ctrl + F OR click on the “Search passwords” box at the top of the Edge Password settings screen, and type the name of the website of which you want to view the login ID and password.

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