iPhone 6 iOS 12 update: Everything we know

Apple will be announcing the next iteration of iOS at WWDC 2018. The latest update to the platform will bring in a handful lot of new features. But will iPhone 6 get iOS 12 update?

Apple currently serves iOS 11 to iPhone 5S which launched in 2013. The iPhone 6 launched in the year 2014, so technically it should get the iOS 12 update.

However, the iOS 11 update didn’t go very well with the iPhone 6. Users reported slow performance and abysmal battery life after updating their iPhone 6 to iOS 11. The recent iOS 11.3.1 update offered some relief to those who had problems after updating to iOS 11. So when iPhone 6 wasn’t able to handle the iOS 11 update very well, will consider releasing iOS 12 to iPhone 6?

It’s possible that there will be no iOS 12 for iPhone 6

Following up on the problems users had with iPhone 6 iOS 11 update, Apple may not release iOS 12 for the device. The company may defend this as a decision taken in the best interest of user experience. And they might be right about it.

But again, Apple sold more iPhone 6 devices than it sold iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. So it’s critical for the company to give iPhone 6 iOS 12 update to keep the device’ users happy and loyal.

iPhone 6 iOS 12 update may not get all new features

It’s a well-known fact that Apple delivers newer versions of iOS to older iPhones with a little bit of trim here and there. The best features of iOS 12 may not be available on iPhone 6 when it releases. But rest assured, you’ll get all new cosmetic changes in iOS 12 update on your iPhone 6.



iOS 12 features

Apple is very good at keeping secrets of what it’s developing under the hood. Be it their hardware, or their software enhancements, you won’t ever get to know about them until the big official announcement day.

But that doesn’t stop the rumor mill from getting out what Apple has been secretly working on in their labs.

Merger of Mac and iOS apps

At WWDC 2018, Apple is rumored to merge Mac and iOS into a single platform. With this, developers will be able to make a single app that will work on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

The chances of this feature coming to iOS 12 are very slim, but if it does, your iPhone 6 is definitely going to support it. Although this will also bring in fragmentation within the App Store where some apps will only work on iPhone models with powerful hardware only because if Mac apps are going to run on an iPhone, they will need capable hardware to run.

Parental controls

iOS 12 is rumored to feature parental controls with a new Digital Health tool to help parents track how much time their children are spending on their iPhone or iPad devices.

If this feature does come out, it’ll be interesting to see the depth of controls Apple will be putting in the hands of parents to monitor their child’s digital health.

iOS 12 features that mean nothing for iPhone 6

  • Horizontal orientation support for Face ID.
  • New Animoji
  • Animoji Facetime integration

Release date

If Apple announces iOS 12 at WWDC 2018, it will be first made available as a developer beta only. If things look good, iOS 12 public beta will be released soon as well.

WWDC 2018 will be starting on 4th June, and end on the 8th. So you expect iOS 12 developer beta to release anytime after 4th June.