Canva Logo

How to Make Transparent Background in Canva

Create professional looking designs by using images with a transparent background.


How to Use Canva Presentations

Make visually appealing presentations that’ll stand out with Canva

Merge Files

How to Merge Two PDF Files

Easily and quickly merge two or more PDF files with these solutions.

Microsoft Tasks Planner

How to Change Background or Theme in Microsoft Planner (Tasks) on the Web

Microsoft Planner is used to create plans, assign tasks and interact amongst team members, and generate graphs to monitor the…

Browser tabs

How to Sync Tabs Between All Your Devices using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Sync open tabs in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox across all your devices to seamlessly switch and resume from one device to another.

Web privacy

What is SmartBlock in Firefox and How to Use It

Don’t give up privacy for a smooth browsing experience with SmartBlock

Browser tabs

How to Sync Tabs Between Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Ever been working on multiple browsers and wanted to sync tabs between them? We must have all been there. You…

Video player

How to Enable and View Videos in Picture in Picture on Edge Browser

Working on multiple tabs on Microsft Edge and want to view a video? Microsoft Edge has the solution for you…

Cookies Edge

How to Clear Cookies on Microsoft Edge

Cookies are text files used to track a user’s web activity. Whenever you visit a website, the webserver passes on…

Calendar Events

How to Share Calendar in Outlook

Share your calendar with other people to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Google Chrome Browser

How to Disable Chrome Profile Selector on Startup

In the latest version of Chrome, there’s a new Chrome Profile picker/manager screen that pops-up when you launch the browser….

Web Browser Kids Mode

How to Enable and Use Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

The tool parents need to make internet a safer place for kids.

Local backup

How to Back Up your Google Drive

Easily create a backup of the data stored on your Google Drive either to an external drive on your computer, or to your secondary Google Account.

Group Chat

What Happens When You Leave a Room/ Group Chat in Google Chat

Before you leave a room/ group chat, it’s important to know your options thereafter.

Chrome keyboard shortcut

How to Set a Keyboard Shortcut for any Chrome Extension

Keyboard shortcuts help users get things done quickly. Chrome comes with a handful of keyboard shortcuts for your web browsing…

Email signature

How to Change Signature in Outlook

Changing your signature in Outlook is as easy as a pie.

Web privacy

How to Delete History on iPhone

You can delete the history on all browsers on your iPhone or switch to Private/Incognito mode which does not keep history at all.

Around Video Calling

What is Around and Why It Is Better than Zoom?

The video conference app that actually lets you get work done instead of taking over your screen.

Video conferencing

What is Zoom Escaper and How to Use It

The tool you need to get out of untimely Zoom meetings


How to Watch TNT Without Cable

All the ways you can watch TNT without paying a premium for cable TV