Group Notifications not working as expected on iOS 12? Here’s why

One of the most requested features for iOS — Group Notifications — has finally been introduced with the iOS 12 beta release. The new update now intelligently groups multiple notifications from a single app into one stack in the Notifications center.

If you’re running iOS 12, however, you may find that sometimes Group Notifications doesn’t work as advertised. Multiple users have reported about Notifications not being grouped on their iOS 12 running devices. Well, don’t be disappointed! It’s by design.

Notification grouping on iOS 12 is intelligent. It doesn’t group notifications until they can be fit into the Notification center without requiring a scroll. If you’ve only three notifications in the Notification center and they are all from a single app, chances are the notifications won’t be grouped into a single stack because they can be displayed perfectly in the first view in Notifications center.