A number of Windows 10 users are reporting issues with WiFi either not connecting or showing up on their Windows 10 PCs. The issue is not related to the re-release of Windows 10 October 2018 update but it has something to do with the driver files Windows 10 automatically installs on a PC.

One user roamingyinzer over at the Microsoft community forums says restarting the computer or re-installing the WiFi driver from Intel resolves the issue, but only for a few hours/days. This is a classic symptom of Windows 10 automatically installing a faulty WiFi driver on the user’s machine, overriding the one that actually works.

For some users, the WiFi network is not even showing on their Windows 10 machine. If you’re facing such issues, resetting the Network settings might help. Go to Settings » Network & Internet » and click Network Reset.

Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the problem yet, but since this is a widespread issue, a fix should be coming very soon.