Did Windows 10 throw an update error 0x80242008 on you? Well, according to Microsoft support team, this error occurs when the update handler itself cancels the operation/update request.

In our experience though, error 0x80242008 occurs mostly when you change some update setting on your system after Windows has already checked for an update, but you still try to download the update that Windows checked before you changed the setting.

For example, when you’re enrolled in Windows Insider Program with your update preference set to “Just fixes, apps and drivers,” and your system has checked that an update is available to download based on your preference. However, meanwhile, you changed your update preference to “Active development of Windows.” Now, in this case, Windows is trying to download an update that doesn’t match your update preference setting, and hence it cancels the operation.

So how do you fix error 0x80242008? Well, just reboot your PC and check for updates again. It’ll most likely show you a different build than the one it was previously trying to download. And it’ll now download the new build without any error.