Clubhouse is a relatively recent social networking platform, thus many new users aren’t aware of some basic tips and hacks of the app. A thorough understanding of these tips and hacks certainly enhances the Clubhouse experience and negates the sense of being left out to a great extent.

When you are in a room, you may hear moderator(s) or other speakers using terms like ‘PTR’, or people muting and unmuting their mics several times. Given below are some of the commonly used acronyms, tips, and hacks to help orient you to Clubhouse.

🎤 Tapping the Microphone Button

Tapping the microphone button has many implications, and one has to understand the context beforehand. When you tap the microphone button several times, the mic sign on your profile blinks. Clubhouse does not have a feature to show appreciation yet, therefore the microphone hack is usually employed.

To show appreciation to another speaker, tap on the microphone sign a couple of times. This is also the hack for ‘Clap’ since you don’t want to interrupt by actually unmuting yourself and clapping.

Many moderators ask people to flash their mic if they want to add something to the topic at hand. This way, you don’t cut people off while they are speaking, and make it clear that you are the next speaker in line.

🔄 PTR (Pull to Refresh)

PTR is one the most common acronyms used on Clubhouse by both the moderator(s) and speakers. Whenever there is a rearrangement on the stage or someone changes their profile picture, you will have to refresh the page to see it. Whenever you hear someone asking others to PTR, just refresh the room.

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📥 DM (Direct Message)

Clubhouse has not added the messaging feature on the app yet, but you can send people DMs on Instagram and Twitter if they have linked their accounts. If you ever hear someone using the work DM, it implies sending them a message on Instagram or Twitter.

Clubhouse is however working on the DM feature and it will most likely be added soon. Once added, the extra effort of switching to another app for messaging will be gone.

🔇 Mute Someone

If you are the moderator and you believe someone has slept, tap on their profile and mute them, move them to the audience or out of the room altogether.

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👍 Share Pictures on Clubhouse

Clubhouse does not have a DM feature to share pictures, and you can’t DM everyone in the room on Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, one of the easiest ways is to upload it as your Clubhouse display picture.

After you upload it, ask others in the room to PTR(Pull to Refresh), since the changes do not reflect automatically. Once everyone has seen it, you can revert to the original.

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✋ Customize ‘Raise Hand’ Icon

Clubhouse offers you the option to change the color of the ‘Raise Hand’ icon as per your preference. This feature tries to imbibe a sense of inclusivity in the Clubhouse community.

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The next time you are on Clubhouse after reading this article, you would feel a lot more confident, and be able to open up and exchange thoughts.