The iOS 12 update by Apple is now available as a developer beta for app developers to try and test their apps on the latest iOS version. Although officially, only users who have a developer account with Apple can download the new software, you can also download iOS 12 developer beta without developer account by flashing either iOS 12 IPSW firmware file directly or installing the iOS 12 beta profile on your iPhone.

Every iOS update comes with a set of problems. And iOS 12 is no different. There are Bluetooth problems on iOS 12 and there are some WiFi issues as well. Most of the iOS 12 WiFi problems aren’t necessarily iOS 12 specific. iPhone users occasionally face WiFi issues anyway.

How to fix iOS 12 WiFi problems

  • Restart your WiFi router. Trust us on this. Most of the WiFi-related problems can be resolved by rebooting your wireless network.
  • If restarting WiFi router doesn’t fix the problem, try restarting your iPhone as well.
  • If your WiFi router can set up a 5Ghz network, connect your iPhone to it. It works for most people.
  • Forget the troubling WiFi network by going to Settings » Wi-Fi » [WiFi name] » tap Forget This Network. Once done, try to connect to the network again.
  • Reset Network Settings by going to Settings » General » Reset.
  • If nothing works, then either factory reset your WiFi router or your iPhone or both. Try the easier thing to reset first.

That’s all we know about fixing iOS 12 WiFi issues. If the tips above didn’t work for your iPhone or iPad, do let us know in comments below. Maybe someone in the community will be able to help.