How to Delete an iCloud Backup from iPhone

iPhone iCloud Backup Storage Usage

Your iCloud storage is full and you don’t want to spend to get extra storage? Maybe it’s time to look into what is being stored in your iCloud storage so we can free up some space.

If you use iCloud to backup your iPhone instead of iTunes, then that’s probably where most of your storage space is being consumed. If you have access to a computer, we recommend taking a backup of your iPhone using iTunes on your computer instead so you can use the iCloud storage space for photos and videos among other minor things such as Messages, Notes, Voice Memos, etc.

You can check iCloud storage usage on your iPhone from the iCloud settings screen. To get started, open the Settings app from the home screen. of your device.

Open iPhone Settings app
Open Settings app from the home screen on your iPhone

Tap on [Your Name] at the top of the Settings screen to open your Apple ID account screen.

Tap your name on the iPhone settings main screen
Tap [Your Name] at the top of the iPhone settings’ main screen

Then tap iCloud from the available options on the Apple ID account settings screen to view iCloud storage usage and apps using iCloud on your iPhone.

Open iCloud settings iPhone
Tap iCloud on the Apple ID settings screen

Finally, tap the Manage Storage option to see your iCloud storage usage. Be patient as it may take time to load your usage report.

Manage iCloud storage iPhone
Tap “Manage Storage” option on the iCloud settings screen

The iCloud Storage screen shows the amount of data used by Backups, Photos, iCloud Drive and all other apps and services using iCloud storage space for syncing and storage purposes on your iPhone.

Viewing iCloud Storage usage on iPhone
Viewing iCloud Storage usage on iPhone

If you have iCloud Backups enabled, you should see it among the top five apps/services using the most space in your iCloud storage.

Tap Backups to see which backups are saved in your iCloud Storage and whether you need them or not.

iCloud Backups Storage Space Use
Tap “Backups” on iCloud Storage usage screen

The iCloud Backups info screen will show all backups stored in your iCloud and the amount of storage space each backup is consuming. You may find iCloud backups of your previous iPhone here, and iPad too if you have one.

Tap on an iPhone or iPad backup you wish to delete from the list of all available backups.

Select an iPhone / iPad backup that you wish to delete
Tap on an iPhone / iPad backup that you wish to delete

On the next screen, tap the Delete Backup button to delete it from your iCloud.

Tap "Delete Backup" to delete the selected iCloud Backup
Tap “Delete Backup” to delete the selected iCloud Backup

You may get a confirmation dialogue to turn off iCloud backup as well while deleting the backup data for the selected iPhone/iPad device. Tap Turn Off & Delete to confirm the deletion.

Tap "Turn Off & Delete" to confirm the deletion
Tap “Turn Off & Delete” to confirm the deletion

It may take a while for the backup to delete. Meanwhile, you can set up your iPhone to back up over iTunes on your computer. It works better than iCloud Backups and is way faster to restore.

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