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To play and win Four in a Row on iMessage, download the GamePigeon app from the iMessage App Store. Start a game with a contact by tapping the GamePigeon icon in the app bar while in a conversation and selecting 'Four in a Row'. The objective is to align four discs of your color in a row while blocking your opponent.

iMessages, along with enabling you to communicate with your near and dear ones instantly, also enables you to play fun games with them. One such great game is ‘Four in a Row’.

‘Four in a Row’ is a digital implementation of the ‘Connect Four’ game, that has been around for decades. If you are acquainted with the game, you already know how much fun it is, and how much of a great way it is if you have some spare time to kill.

However, the ‘Four in a row’ isn’t available as a standalone app on the iMessage Store. Hence, you will have to download the ‘GamePigeon’ app that hosts a bunch of games and also has the ‘Four in a row’ game.

However, if you are uninitiated, before moving on to playing the game, let’s first understand how the game works.

Understanding the Game of Four in a Row

The game of four, as the name suggests, is a simple game of aligning four similar colored discs in a row. The row could be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal; the discs aren’t blocked by any other color.

In this game, each player gets a single turn and they have to place their disc anywhere on the grid, and the player to make the first row of four of his discs wins the game. Hence, in order to increase your chances to win the game, make sure you block your opponent to make the row.

Four in a row, just like ‘Connect Four’ is simple to understand, easy to learn, and fun to play with your buddies.

Now that you understand the game, let’s learn how to download and play the game on iMessage with your near and dear ones.

Download the GamePigeon App on your iPhone from the iMessage App Store

As mentioned earlier, since the ‘Four in a row’ game isn’t available as a standalone app on the iMessage store, you will need to download the GamePigeon app that hosts the game along with many others in order to play it with your contacts.

To do so, first, open the ‘Messages’ app on your iPhone either from the home screen or from the app library.

Then, open any conversation head in the messages app.

Now, tap on the grey-colored App store icon to open the iMessage App Store in an overlay window on your screen.

Now, from the overlay window, tap on the ‘Search’ icon present on the top right section of the window.

After that, type GamePigeon in the search bar and tap on the ‘Search’ button present on the bottom right corner of the keyboard.

After that, locate the ‘Game Pigeon’ tile and click on the ‘Get’ button present adjacent to it. Then you will be asked to sign in to the App Store to confirm your purchase, do it by providing your preferred way of authentication.

Note: If the ‘GamePigeon has already been purchased on your account, you will see a ‘Cloud with a downward arrow’ icon instead of the ‘Get’ button.

Play a Game of Four in a Row With your Contacts

Once you have and the person you wish to play the game with have downloaded the GamePigeon app on their respective phones, it is now time to quickly start a game.

To start a game with any of your contacts, launch the Messages app from the home screen of your iOS device.

Then, tap to open the conversation head you wish to play ‘Four in a row’ with from the ‘Messages’ app. Otherwise, click on the ‘Compose message’ icon to compose a new message.

Once you are in the conversation view, scroll to locate the ‘GamePigeon’ icon from the app drawer and then tap on it to reveal the full list of games.

Next, tap to choose the ‘Four in a row’ tile from the grid of options present on your screen.

After that, add a message if you wish to do so from the space provided and click on the ‘Send’ button to invite your desired contact for a game.

After you have sent a game invitation to your contact, they can simply start the game by tapping on the game tile to take their turn.

Once the opponent has completed their turn, you will be required to tap on the grid to add a disc of your color. Once dropped, you can press and hold the disc and drag it across the grid to position it according to your preference. To confirm your move, click on the ‘Send’ button present at the bottom section of the window.

The agenda is to make sure you can achieve four discs in a row, while also taking care that your opponent doesn’t achieve it by adding your discs in between their simultaneous discs present on the board.

Once any one of the players achieves four discs in a row, he is declared the winner of the game.

Turn Sound & Music On/Off for Four in a Row

There is a probability you do not like to hear the peppy background music when playing the game or you wish to listen to your own music when you are winning games back to back. And in order to achieve that, you should know where to turn the music and sound on or off in the game.

To do so, from the Four in a row game screen, tap on the ‘gear’ icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.

After that, tap on the ‘Music’ button to turn off the in-game music. Then, if you would also like to turn off the in-game sound effects, tap on the ‘Sound’ button to do so.

You can also customize your character’s complete appearance including hairs, face expressions, eyewear, headwear, clothes, and much more using the customization options present just above the sound and music options.


Playing games on iMessage can be a fun way to connect with your friends and family. ‘Four in a Row’ is a classic game that you can enjoy with your contacts through the GamePigeon app on iMessage. By following the simple steps mentioned above, you can easily download and play the game. Additionally, you can turn off the in-game music and sound effects or customize your character's appearance using the options available. So go ahead and challenge your loved ones for a game of ‘Four in a Row’ on iMessage!