The Reminders app has become many iPhone users’ favorite in recent years. And it’s all thanks to the recent upgrades Reminders has got. You can organize your reminders in form of a list in the app and even collaborate on them.

As if the Reminders app wasn’t already great, iOS 16 is adding one more amazing feature to your arsenal. You can now also create reminder lists as templates and reuse them to create separate lists comprising the same elements.

You can even share these templates with your contacts to collaborate on lists and let them add, delete, and mark reminders as completed. Moreover, you can also assign a reminder to someone if you wish. You can also download templates that others have shared with you.

Creating a Template

A reminder list can be easily created from the Reminder app on your iOS device. The process is fast and simple, as it should be. You can create a template by either saving a new list as one or from an existing list.

First, head to the ‘Reminders’ app, either from the home screen or the app library of your device.

To create a template from a new list, tap on the ‘Add list’ button. This will bring an overlay window to your screen.

Enter a name for the list and select a color and icon for the list if you wish. Once set according to your preference, tap on the ‘Done’ button to proceed.

Then, tap on the newly created list to create reminders.

Tap on the ‘New Reminder’ button from the bottom left corner to proceed.

Now enter the reminders that you wish to have as a template. Once completed, tap on the ‘More’ option (ellipsis icon) to proceed.

After that, tap on the ‘Save as template’ option to continue. This will bring an overlay window to your screen.

Next, provide a name for the template (this will not change the name of the reminder list you just created). Tap on the ‘Save’ button to confirm.

The list is now saved as a template.

To create a template from an already saved list, first, navigate to the list from the Reminder app.

After that, tap on the ‘More’ (ellipsis) icon in the top-right corner. Then, tap on the ‘Save as template’ option to save the list as a template.

Using a Template

Once you’ve created a template, you can use it at any time to create a new list from it. That’s our end goal for creating a template after all – to be able to reuse it in the future. So, if you create a Packing list template, you can use the template to have a list of things you need to pack in a jiffy without having to go through your old completed reminder list.

To create a new list using a template, tap the ‘Add List’ button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Then, switch to the ‘Templates’ tab from the top.

Tap the template you want to use.

A confirmation prompt will appear. Tap the ‘Create’ button.

And voila! A new reminder list comprising all the elements in the original list you used to create the template will be created.

Once you have created a template, you can easily share it with one of your contacts right from the Reminders app.

After creating a list, on the Reminders home screen, tap on the ‘More’ options button from the top right corner to continue.

Next, tap on the ‘Templates’ option to proceed.

Now on the ‘Templates’ page, tap on the ‘i’ button.

Then, tap on the ‘Share Template’ option. This will bring an overlay window to your screen.

After that, you can either share the template using your preferred platform by simply tapping on its icon or you can tap on the ‘Copy iCloud Link’ option to share the link manually.

If anytime after sharing the template you wish to stop sharing it, tap on the ‘i’ button from the ‘Template’ page and tap on the ‘Manage Link’ option. Then tap the ‘Stop Sharing’ tile.

Assign a Reminder to a Specific Person from the Shared List

You can also assign a particular reminder in a shared list to one of the people that you have shared the list with. It can be particularly handy when you wish to divide the responsibility of getting things done among the group.

First, navigate to the shared list from the Reminder app.

Next, tap on the task you wish to assign to a specific person. Then tap on the ‘Assignment’ button. After that, tap on the person you wish to assign the task to.

Once assigned, you will be able to see the person’s account picture or initials right next to the task.

That’s it, folks. It’s that easy to create templates for reminder lists to reuse them in the future. Or, go ahead and share them with people to remind them of the things they might want to get for their next trip or to pick up clothes from dry-cleaning. As long as you’re using an iPhone with iOS 16 or above, your device has got your back.