The Favorites/Bookmarks bar feature is something everyone loves in their browser. There are sites we all visit again, and again, and again. The Favorites bar makes it so easy to access those sites. But there’s only so much space there, and eventually, we all have to go to that “More” button. Thankfully, Microsoft Edge gives you a way out so you can have a lot more sites on the Favorites Bar.

The name of the site along with its favicon is displayed on the Favorites Bar whenever you favorite a site in Edge. Since a favicon (or the site’s icon) is unique to it, you can identify the site just from the icon only, eliminating the need for its name on the Favorites Bar. The New Microsoft Edge has a direct option to only display the favicon of the websites in the Favorites bar, hence freeing up all the space taken by the website’s name.

To display only Site Icons in the Favorites bar, right-click on the bookmark/favorite site in the favorites bar for which you want to only show icon. Then, from the context menu, select the Show Icon Only option.

Right-click on a bookmark and click on Show icon only.

This will set the favorite/bookmark site to only show the website icon in the favorites bar. The name of the site will be visible in the hover box if you hover your mouse pointer on the favicon.

Only the Site Icon being displayed on the Bookmarks Bar.

You can repeat the same for all favorite sites in your Favorites bar on the browser. The number of sites that will be visible directly on the bar after showing only icons will stun you and leave you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner?