Apple’s Mail app has almost been mediocre when it comes to handling emails. Apart from some very elementary features, it offered nothing revolutionary. It has even been missing out on some key features that its competitors have offered for a while.

Thankfully, with iOS 16, it’s setting the bar high. Mail is now adding a highly coveted feature to its arsenal in the newest OS – the ability to undo sent emails. You can finally unsend any email in case it has a typo or you have sent it to the wrong person.

How Does Undo Send Work and Until When can you Recall a Mail?

Just as the name suggests, “Undo Send” allows to you cancel an outgoing mail and does not let it reach the recipient’s inbox. It can be extremely handy in cases when you accidentally hit the ‘Send’ button while in the middle of writing the mail, made some grave typo, or sent it to the wrong person altogether.

Note: iOS allows you to pull back a sent mail only until 10 seconds after hitting the ‘Send’ button. Once ten seconds have elapsed, you will not be able to un-send the email and it will reach the recipient’s inbox.

Recall a Sent Email Using the Mail App

The feature is only present in the native Mail app in iOS 16. As mentioned earlier, you can only recall an email if it hasn’t been more than 10 seconds after you first sent it.

Once you send an email, the option to undo it will automatically appear in the app. If you realize you’ve made an error and wish to recall the mail, act quickly and tap on the ‘Undo Send’ option present at the bottom of the app. The option will disappear once the 10-second window expires.

After you hit the ‘Undo Send’ button, the sent message will be opened in the mail editor for you to make changes. Make the appropriate changes – whether it was a typo, incomplete email, or the wrong recipient – and hit the ‘Send’ button again to send the mail. Even after you send it again, the ‘Undo Send’ option will be available again for 10 seconds.

In case you do not wish to send the email, tap on the ‘Cancel’ button in the top-left corner instead.

A couple of options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on ‘Save Draft’ if you wish to come back to the mail later to finish it. Otherwise, tap on the ‘Delete Changes’ button to completely discard the mail.

To access Drafts from your mail app, tap on the ‘Mailboxes’ button present in the top left corner.

Next, locate and tap on the ‘Drafts’ option from the list to continue.

You will now be able to view all the emails that you had canceled or marked ‘Save as draft’. Whether you wish to send them, delete them or leave them as drafts is completely up to you.

Unsending emails can be a life-saver in some situations and using the above-mentioned steps, you can easily recall any email you already sent. But remember, you only have 10 seconds, so you better move fast.