A lot of us are using Google Meet to stay connected right now, whether it is for work from home meetings or online classes for school. Google Meet has made it really easy to connect over the internet while staying at our homes. But online meetings can get too loud too quickly and the speaker can have trouble getting their point across. Fortunately, Google Meet lets you mute other participants in the call.

But what if you were the other participant in the call who was put on mute? Well, the good news is no matter who mutes you, you can always unmute yourself on Google Meet within a jiffy.

For privacy reasons, only you and no one else can unmute yourself on Google Meet.

If you are on mute during the call, your microphone icon on the call toolbar will turn red with a diagonal line through it, and no one will be able to hear you in the call until you unmute yourself.

Click on the microphone icon on the call toolbar to unmute yourself. If you can’t see the call toolbar, try moving your mouse to the bottom of the screen or click on an empty part of the screen once to bring it up.

Your microphone will be red when you are on mute.

When you are not on mute, the icon will turn white. If you want to mute yourself afterwards, just click on the icon again.

The microphone icon when you are not on mute.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D in a Google Meet call to unmute or mute yourself quickly.

In work from home meetings or remote classes, sometimes it becomes necessary for the speaker to mute you so they can talk uninterruptedly. You should remember that noise seems a lot more amplified in virtual meetings than their physical counterparts due to the nature of the setup and the background noise. So if someone does put you on mute, there’s nothing rude or offending about it.

You can just easily unmute yourself when you have something to contribute. And as a courtesy, maybe you should consider muting yourself when you’re not speaking to maintain the peace and sanity of the meeting.