Although iOS 12 Beta is running pretty cool on everyone’s devices, it still has minor bugs and problems that you may not be aware of. If you’re planning on installing the developer beta on your iOS 12 compatible device, be sure to take a look at the following problems present on the beta software.

iOS 12 will be released later this year in September. Until then we’ll be receiving several developer beta and public beta releases of the new software. The problems present on the current Developer Beta builds may not be present in the future releases. But new releases might come with a new set of bugs and issues. So before you jump the ship and install iOS 12 Beta, consider going through all of these things.

iOS 12 Public Beta and Developer Beta 2 Problems

The iOS 12 Public Beta and Developer Beta 2 builds are one and the same. Hence, they both have the same set of problems and features. Below are some of the new issues we found in iOS 12 Beta 2. These issues are in addition to the ones found in Developer Beta 1. Apple hasn’t fixed much in the Dev Beta 2 except for the Screen Time problem with Family Sharing accounts in the Beta 1.

  • Flickering Screen: A user over at Reddit has reported about screen flickering issues on his iPhone after installing the iOS 12 Public Beta. The user uses an iPhone 7. We haven’t had this issue on any of our iPhone models running iOS 12 yet, but this could happen to some users.
  • Misaligned Keyboard on iPad: You may get a misaligned keyboard in iOS 12 on an iPad after installing the Beta 2.
  • Guided Access may not work: Guided Access may not work on iPhone after installing iOS 12 Beta 2. A user over at Reddit has posted a video of his iPhone where guided access doesn’t work. However, it may not be a widespread issue since the feature without issues on our iPhone X running iOS 12 Beta 2.
  • Cannot Connect to App Store: Since installing the iOS 12 Public Beta and Dev Beta 2, many users have reported about connectivity issues within the App Store. Even though you’ve got a stable internet connection, you will get the Cannot Connect to AppStore error. The problem can be temporarily fixed with a restart or by switching to Mobile Data from WiFi, or vice versa.

iOS 12 Beta 1 Problems

  • Random restarts: We found our iPhone X randomly restart after installing the iOS 12 Beta. It happened a  couple of times while using the phone. There’s no way to reproduce the problem since it happens randomly, but the restart happens pretty quick. And thanks to the way iOS handles multitasking, the system appears and behaves the same as before it gone mad and restarted itself.
  • Screen Time disabled, all grayed out: iOS 12 has a problem where Screen Time greys out. It’s disabled entirely and asks for a Screen Time passcode that the user may not have set on his iPhone. This happens when you try to stop sharing Screen Time with Family. To fix this problem, you need to get parent privileges on your account.
    How to fix Screen Time disabled problem
  • FaceTime Live Photos don’t work with iOS 11 users: When running iOS 12, you won’t be able to take FaceTime Live Photos of people who are running iOS 11 or earlier versions. There’s simply no button for it.
  • A blank box on the lock screen: On iOS 12, you may get a blank box above the Music box on the lock screen. Restart your device to get rid of it.
  • iOS 12 GPS problems: Multiple users have confirmed about GPS working weirdly on their iPhone after installing iOS 12 Beta. While Apple Mapps is reportedly working fine, other apps like Google Maps aren’t working fine on iOS 12 Beta 1.
  • An unusual gap in 3G/4G/LTE: iOS 12 seems to have a weird thing going with 3G/4G/LTE labels in the status bar. Multiple users have confirmed that there’s a slight gap between 4 & G in 4G in the status bar.
  • Update on the App Store does not show download progress on WiFi: When updating an app through App Store while on WiFi, iOS 12 does not show download progress icon. It just shows the loading icon. On Mobile Data, however, things work as expected.
  • Apps might crash after an update: On iOS 12 multiple users have reported about apps crashing after receiving an update. This happened to both Instagram and Reddit app. However, a simple restart fixes the problem.
  • Increased vibration intensity on iPhone 6s Plus: On iOS 12 Beta, iPhone 6s Plus makes a loud vibration. The issue might correct itself in some time or after a restart.
  • Cannot turn on calls on other devices: While on iOS 12 Beta, you cannot use the Allow calls on other devices option as it’s currently broken on the dev beta. It’s a known issue in the release notes.
  • Increased boot times: On iOS 12 Beta your iPhone might take significantly longer to boot up.
  • YouTube video plays in the background: On iOS 12 Beta, if you play a video in YouTube app in fullscreen, and quickly press the Power button twice. YouTube video continuous to play in the background while you’re on lockscreen. Call it a feature or an issue, your call…
  • The Home app may not load: According to multiple users over at Reddit, the Home app doesn’t load correctly on iOS 12. This also breaks Siri’s ability to control lights.
  • Call window doesn’t close after a call ends: On iOS 12 Beta, the call window doesn’t close itself after a call ends. Moreover, it can’t be force closed either. You have to restart the device to fix it.
  • Waze shows no GPS during navigation: Waze may have GPS problem on iOS 12 Beta. Multiple users have reported about GPS not getting GPS during navigation.
  • Incorrect storage reporting: Like iOS 11.4, iOS 12 continues to show incorrect storage usage for the System under your iPhone storage settings.
  • Messed up keyboard on Facebook Messenger: The keyboard might go all white and messy when using the Facebook Messenger app. Everywhere else it works fine.
  • Notification Center doesn’t go away: The Notification Center text doesn’t go away after you’ve cleared all notifications. A simple restart fixes the issue.
  • Screen Time not showing usage stats: Sometimes it may happen that Screen Time doesn’t show your iPhone usage stats. You try to fix it by tapping on the device name or the arrow next to it.
  • Live wallpapers don’t work when force touch on screen: On iOS 12 Beta, Live wallpapers don’t move when you force touch on the screen. There’s currently no fix for it.
  • Setting Timer from Control Center doesn’t work: For some users, setting a timer from the control center 3D touch timer widget doesn’t work on iOS 12 Beta. It remains stuck at 0 seconds.
  • WiFi calling does not work on iOS 12: WiFi calling has been disabled for some users after installing the iOS 12 Beta. Calling the carrier doesn’t help either.
  • Home screen flickers: For some users, the home screen flickers for no reason on iOS 12 beta. This doesn’t happen always, and it gets fixed by itself or by restarting the device.
  • Personal Hotspot might not work: The iOS 12 Beta release note mentions this as a known issue with the beta release. If this is an important feature for you, stay away from the iOS Beta 1. We hope this gets fixed in the next beta release.
  • Removing AirPods doesn’t pause music: For a lot of people, after updating to iOS 12 beta, AirPods doesn’t pause music anymore when plugged out of the ear. When you remove from one year, it continues to play music in the other. And when you remove both, it switches to the device’ speakers.
  • UI flaw in Mobile Data options: On iOS 12, you have a Swipe to Delete for all options under the Mobile Data settings. Of course, tapping Delete does nothing, but it’s a considerable UI flaw in iOS 12.
  • Apps don’t update: Some users are having issues updating Apps from the App Store. The update button comes right back without updating the selected app. Thankfully, a simple restart of the device fixes the problem.
  • App icons go invisible in when moved to a folder: For a user running iOS 12 beta on his iPhone, App icons have gone invisible when moved to a folder.
  • SMS doesn’t deliver: Some users are facing trouble sending SMS messages after installing iOS 12 beta. Apparently, SMS delivery fails for no reason. Turning Airplane Mode On & Off fixes the problem. You can also try resetting network settings. It might fix the problem permanently.
  • Wallpaper glitch problem when set in Still mode: On iOS 12 beta, when setting wallpaper in Still mode, it completely glitches out after being set up. The problem doesn’t happen with all wallpapers though. Check out the details here.
  • Apple Watch may not pair: Some users are having trouble pairing the Apple Watch to their iPhone updated to iOS 12 beta. To fix this, try restarting both your iPhone and the watch. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may have to update your watch to the latest watchOS version.
  • Can’t set “Stop Playing” in Timer: On iOS 12 Beta, you can’t set “When Timer Ends” action to “Stop Playing” music on your iPhone.
  • Duplicate Group Notifications: We haven’t seen this happen on our iPhone devices running iOS 12, but someone has reported duplicate group notifications problem on the new software.

That’s everything on iOS 12 beta bugs and issues. If you’ve got an issue on iOS 12 that is not listed here, let us know about it in the comments section below.

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